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Snuggle biting?

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I found my cat as a stray a little over a year and a half ago. We lived together and then moved back into my parents home about 6 months ago.

My problem is that when we are snuggling in bed he will for no reason decide to bite my hand. Normally he goes for the skin on the top or a finger. He doesn't do it hard, but he will hold it in his mouth until I make him let so, normally opening his mouth for him.

When he eventually does let go, he will meow (in a frustrated type way) until he has something else in his mouth.

He doesn't really have any other biting problems. If my friends play to aggressively with him he will bite, but not hard, but then I just tell them his fault. But this sort of biting seems to be unprovoked, and is only with me.

Is this normal or should I be disciplining him for this (as it's the first cat I've ever had)?

Thanks guy.

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Sounds like love bites to me.
My Spaz does this too, usually to the webbing between my thumb and forefinger, or she'll catch me off guard and nibble the top of my ears.

My Ivory does it to toes and the tops of feet.
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the cat i used to have, Bobo did this. His mum told me about it. When i'd scratch his back he would stick his butt up in the air and want to nibble on something. Usually kept a towel handy so he could chew on that. =) It's ok i think it's pretty normal. Just keep a towel handy and let your kitty have it when you pet him while you are laying down.
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My cat gives love bites when he is really getting into my petting him. If I put my hand up to his chest to hold him away from his targeted body part he will push and strain until I let go of him. He usually goes for my upper arm or thigh. Once he grabbed the inside of my thigh when i was wearing shorts and actually made me bleed really bad, but that has not happened since.
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Maybe every time the cat bites, put a toy in their mouth. Maybe after a while the cat will learn it's only ok to bite their toy and not you.
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