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A Strange Experience

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I had a very strange experience this morning. As most of you know, my beloved little cat Lucy is seriously ill and she is also very old. I'm fighting her corner so hard for her but so far she is not really responding to the medication.

This morning at work, for no reason at all I had a sudden vision jump into my head of a very young Lucy walking towards me. I have had Lucy nearly 11 years. She was given to me as a rescue from abject cruelty which resulted in her being crippled. In this vision, Lucy was walking on all four legs with her tail held high. In this vision I would have said she was probably about a year old - and she looked so beautiful. She is so old now but still so beautiful to me.

Has anyone else had an experience like this when their cat has been seriously ill or old?
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You're going to make me cry! That's so sweet.

I did have a dream when one of my cats went missing for a few days... I dreamed I looked out my back bedroom window and saw her running into the back yard to be let back in. I woke up, go to the window, and there she is, just like in my dream not an hour or so before.

Does this mean they try to tell us things? I don't know... the skeptic in me says it's my imagination and we find patterns and reasons for things when there is no pattern or reason, but another part of me would like to think it's true.
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aww my that is so sweet, brought tears to my eyes

The only thing I´ve had a bit like that was dreams about my RB dog Roger, I used to dream about him when he was young, sometimes about him being at my house when I came home - it was part of the grieving process

Give that special lady Lucy some tummy rubs from us
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Yeah .... I had a dream a few days after Tucson died. In this dream,he jumped on my bed and sat beside me. He looked so young, younger than when we had adopted him. He stayed on my bed and kept purring and eventually, just like he had done when he was alive, he jumped down and wandered into the hallway. I woke up and I swear he was still purring away, I could hear him somewhere. But I know that he had come to say his last goodbye. It was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had, everything was so real .... but I know I will never see him again .... darn it, now I'm crying ....
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That is so sweet, I really hope Lucy pulls thru this

I've had dreams of my Simon, they usually involve him laying next to me in bed, in the same spot he layed in every night, head butting me, which was out nightly ritual. I usually have them when I am worried or upset about stuff, Sime was my rock, and I think he comes back to reassure me every once in awhile
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I haven't had them about pets, but I have had them about people.

Shortly after my grandfather passed away I was running away from some sort of monster (can't really remember) and I went running into this house and there was my grandfather in his leather chair. I started bawling in the dream and ran over to him to hug him. In my dream I knew he had passed away and all he did was hold me close and speak softly to me. I can't remember what he had said, but I remember waking up and feeling so much better about having him gone. It was like he came back to say that it was okay and that I will be fine.

Then in another dream I was playing baseball and he was sitting there in the stands. When I noticed him I screamed and started waving like crazy (because once again I knew that he passed away) and all he did was smile and wave. I belive he was checking up on me.
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I've never had that happen to me, but I've heard stories of similar things happening.
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Lucy sounds like a very special cat, and you a very special owner. I hope lucy will be okay, but perhaps this vision is her way of easing you into the idea that she may be going to a better place when she does go and that's a very comforting thought.

(((Hugs for you and Lucy)))
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Aww, that is very nice. You and Lucy obviously have a very strong bond. How sweet.
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
Lucy sounds like a very special cat, and you a very special owner. I hope lucy will be okay, but perhaps this vision is her way of easing you into the idea that she may be going to a better place when she does go and that's a very comforting thought....
I was thinking the same thing! I hope Lucy starts responding to the meds!

After my beloved kitty Wilde died, the next day we buried her. All day, I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye, I felt her rub against my leg, and swore I heard her meow. I think she stayed around that day to say goodbye.
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there is more to this world then we may ever know.
more then one person has said they thought they have seen a black cat at my father house. where there has been no cat for 20 years.
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The first cat I ever got died two years ago at the age of 16. She was always mine, even after I left the house. When I would visit my parents, she would always meet me at the door, and then head to the refridgerator, because she knew I'd give her a tiny bit of milk.

I moved back into with my parents for a few months, because I was house hunting and signing a lease for another year would be a waste. I think she knew she was going to die soon, because about two months before she passed, she became EXTREMELY clingy. She had never been a lap cat (she would set next to you, and liked being petting), but then she was ALL over me - she HAD to be touching me, and started sleeping on my chest.

I left one evening, to visit a friend up north for the weekend. She died while I was gone, and I was convinced that she wanted to do it when I was away from home.

Since then, I've had two or three dreams with her in it, where she shows back up at the house, and I am overjoyed because I thought she was dead, but there she was. She'd rub up against my legs, and be a really comforting and calm presense.

Regardless of if it was her coming through from 'the other side', or if it was my brain knowing that I needed that comfort, it doesn't matter - it was just nice to see her again.
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This isn't totally related but sort-of.
When my previous BF of seven years and I lived together, we adopted his parent's cat who was extremely unhappy and reclusive as he lived with two hyper dogs and a very dominating, mean female cat.
When Dewey came to live with us, his little sweet personality blossomed as he was obviously meant to be in a one-cat-house. He got LOTS of love when my ex and I lived together, partially because I adore cats and my ex learned how amazing cats are as pets.
When we broke up it was decided as it was my ex's parent's cat originally, that my ex would keep Dewey. I moved away after the split. Less than two days later, I got a call from my ex saying Dewey had fallen very ill and that the vet recommended that he be put to sleep. My vet confirmed this to me. Dewey had Pancreatic cancer.
The whole thing is still so bizarre to me today. I lost my ex of 7 years and my adopted cat all in two days. But when I look back on it 5 years later, I see that Dewey's death was a blessing and perhaps an act of fate. If Dewey had stayed alive, either my ex and I would have fought over the cat or ended up getting back together due to the cat, which would have been very unfortunate as neither of us would have met our present partners. Sounds wierd, but true (you know how break-ups, divorces are). It would have made the break up a million times more difficult and less of a clean cut.
Very shortly after I bought my own place, I went out to a shelter and adopted Fred. Fred I picked because he looked just like Dewey. If Dewey hadn't passed away, i probably wouldn't have looked for a sweet little Tuxedo cat to adopt and Fred wouldn't be in my life as it is now (I'm partial to tabbys). So, it all happened for an amazing reason: Fred is part of my family, plus my present Bf and I are still a couple with no intrusions of my ex-partner that are worth me worrying about! (I would have been very jealous if another woman snuggled with my Dewey in bed at night! Couldn't care less about my ex with new woman!!)
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There is another thing that has been strange over the past 3 weeks. We are a very psychic family, especially my son. A few days before Lucy took the stroke, Ian and I were just sitting chatting (my husband often works late so it was just son and me). At that point Lucy was absolutely fine, no hint of anything wrong. Ian stopped talking in mid-sentence and looked completely gobsmacked. I asked him what was wrong and he said Lucky (a cat we had many years ago) was sitting right next to me. The other night after my husband came home from work I distinctly saw a black cat walk behind the armchair. All our own cats were in the kitchen eating their dinner at the time. It was Lucky again. Lucky although he was jet black, was part Siamese. I'd recognise that tail anywhere.

Today at work, I was in the kitchen making the coffee. As I turned round a black cat walked right in front of me about 3ft away and just disappeared. Lucky again.

I'm sure he is here to let me know there is an afterlife and he's going to take Lucy across with him to Rainbow Bridge.

Lucy's cat flu seems to have improved considerably, but I think there is still bleeding going on in her head because today the pupils of her eyes are uneven and her right eye is turning outwards while her left eye is either pointing straight or wandering too. I'm not giving her any more medication as it distresses her too much and I know looking at her today she will not get better. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon and I am sending her to meet Lucky so he can take her over the Bridge.

To keep her alive any longer like this would be cruel because looking at her today there is definitely brain damage and it's noticeable. If she recovered I doubt if she would have any quality of life at all. Sadly, I shall be letting her go, but she is going with all our love.
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