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Forcing women to view ultrasounds before abortions? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by catsallover View Post
If you are going to have a procedure done, you should going into it with all the information available. If a mother who has had a previous abortion gets pregnant with a child she wants, she will see the ultrasound and then she will know what a baby at 10 weeks gestation looks like, and she will have to deal with it then.
I agree with you.
some women during there prenatal care, do not get their first ultrasound till they are 18-20 weeks depending upon the doctor and what not. and not all women get prenatal care, some only get it towards the end of their pregnancy. Some women have no clue what a baby looks like at 9 weeks or at 12 weeks etc. And they usually under estimate what development milestones are going on with the baby and what they have already accomplished.

I big surprise to me was learning from this thread that you get an ultrasound before an abortion. I did not know that. changes somewhat how I see the roles of mother/state/and doctors. No matter what an abortion is a traumatic experiance and I am not in anyone elses shoes but my own...therefore I can only speak for myself.
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Women should have the right to look or the right not to look- not be forced either way.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
just a thought, if they dont see it as baby and a life, why would seeing the ultrasounds upset them. When i have to kill a fly i dont worry about it.

but like jcat said who is going to pay for it.
I have to agree with you here, some people do not believe that this is a baby yet.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Not sure about actually forcing them to watch it; however a lot of women getting abortions really do not care that much. And it has been proven that viewing the baby you are carrying is not just a "thing" but a living human being and those women did NOT go thru with it.

I would also encourage the women that was considering abortion to have the baby and then place it up for adoption to those couples really wanting a baby - much better choice then to kill the baby before its born!
I am definately pro-life, I always have been. I have always believed that life begins at conception. I know some people do not feel this way, and they are entitled to their opinion too.

I respect other people's opinions, but I am also entitled to believe the way I believe.

My daughter is expecting our first grandbaby in September. When she went to the doctor for her first sonogram at 8 weeks, the baby was about the size of a kidney bean. When she went for her 12 weeks sonogram, the baby had grown to about 3 inches. This just amazes me.

I just have always felt this way. I am not trying to hurt any ones feelings if they have had abortions, I just feel that there are so many people who are willing to adopt a baby.
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It is amazing, isn't it? I have a video of my daughter at 11 weeks gestation, all her fingers and toes there, jumping up and down, first both legs, then one leg at a time-boing, boing, boing...

When we went for- I think it was the 16 week ultrasound, she was laying at the bottom of the uterus on her back, and wouldn't move for a good view. The ultrasound nurse gave her a push with the ultrasound wand, and she kicked it! Not much has changed- she is still one of the grumpiest waker-upers I have ever met!
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I dont think the law is exactly 'forcing women' but in other words 'forcing abortion clinics' to let the women view the ultrasound. If they choose not to see it, they can look away, or let their choice be known to the doctor.

I think this is just putting more pressure on abortion clinics to fess up with the truth, and to provide more information to these women. Many women have abortions BECAUSE clinics make them to believe that their children are nothing more than blobs of tissue. Using the terms 'mass, tissue, etc.' instead of 'fetus' By not giving these women the roper information they are creating a horrible misconceptions that life is worth nothing, that life does NOT begin in the womb, that its perfectly acceptable to abort. All for their greedy purposes of making money.

So YES abortion clinics should be forced to provide these women with ultrasounds that they may view. If the woman chooses not to view it then fine, no FBI agent will run in and pry her eyes open.
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About 7 years ago my best friend went to have an abortion, but the real issue was that she was experiencing a lot of abdominal pain. They did an ultrasound to make sure it wasn't a topical pregnancy, but right next to her was the image, almost pointed toward her. She was devastated, cried and cried, no way to describe the feeling....... It was normal and she was just 6 or 8 weeks and could see the image. I felt so bad for her, on top of that there were protesters outside the clinic. She never got over it. It is so wrong to force that on someone, to many people do things for the wrong reasons, heck, thats how a lot of girls get pregnant! But that does not support pro-choice.
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