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Murphy's morning bath

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Murphy has a very strange idea of how to bathe.
He's so terrible at it that I have to give him a proper bath (which he hates) once a week.
He won't get in the water, he just dunks his head, flaps his wings and throws water everywhere.

Continued in next post....
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The results, however, are not a clean wet bird, but a soggy headed bird that looks like he has the same haircut as Moe from the Three Stooges...

He's also very nosey
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aww I love Murphy - think his punk look quite suits him

Great photos - he is a lovely colour
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I'm sorry but he looks so cute! He looks like a little kid who was sent to take a bath and only dunked his head in the sink! See Mom I'm clean!!!
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Too cute! He is a lovely boy, does he not know that he is supposed to keep his feathers clean so they provide good insulation
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He's just like a little boy when it comes to baths
He hates them, he hates showers too, first bird I've ever met who didn't like one or the other.
Abby used to love to take baths and showers with me, as well as on her own, Murphy just acts as though I'm trying to kill him.

But the head dunking is his morning ritual.
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Hurumph! Wiseguy, eh? Why I oughtta...

Silly Murphy! He's adorable - beak him for me, would you please?
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What a cutie!
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Too cute.
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Adorable. Love his "hair" do.
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Thats too funny yep he looks like a wet head
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How funny~I love that hair do(er hair dont)

Murphy is pretty anyways.
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