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Poor Princess has Black-ish bumps?

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Hello... my diva cat, Lily, has been slowly adjusting to having a brother in the house, Beethoven.
They have been doing pretty well behavior-wise and it has been almost 3 months. They play a bit together, there is no fighting, and both have plenty of mommie time on their own.
Lily for the first time in the 2 years that I've owned her (I adopted her as an adult, she's 5 now), has gotten some kitty acne. Some spots on her chin.
I tried tending to them myself, but they haven't cleared up yet. I changed her food and water bowl - and nothing.

The other night, about a week ago, I went out to a movie and accidentally left one of my windows open. There is a screen, and the window wasn't open wide, so I figured my two maine coons would be ok until I got home. WRONG!
When I got home, the screen was popped out. My two giant cats somehow escaped.
Luckily, both cats were close to the window.
Lily was actually sitting on my balcony, right by my porch door, waiting to be let back in.

Anyway, I got them both inside and checked them. Beethoven was fine, but Lily winced and cried when I touched her shoulder ...
I have no idea what happened.
I decided to give her time and wait a day or two.
Within a day or two, she was totally fine and let me pet her.

This morning, though, I was petting her and felt bumps on her shoulder. I uncovered her skin from the thick fur and found a few large, raised black bumps- the size of pencil erasers.
What the heck!?!?
Is she ok?

I'm taking her to a vet tomorrow - but it's a new vet because I'm in a new city. So... I'm worried and nervous.
Does anyone have any ideas that can help me ask the right questions when I go in there?
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oh heck, I can see why you´d be worried about that !

Just tell the vet exactly what you´ve told us, the more they know about 'what happened' the best the vet can diagnose what went on.

Do you think the black bumps are bruises ? and does the cat move away from you if you touch the area ?

the only questions you´d need to ask is about any meds and treatment the vet might prescibe.

Hope all goes well for you & your kit - keep us posted
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Thanks, Mooficat - it's good to hear that someone gets why I'm so worried.

I don't think they are bruises- they are really raised. Almost like moles?
It's hard to describe. Just very round, raised, circular bumps.
She let me touch them without wincing or crying - I was being gentle. She just did her normal fidgeting.
I know that they weren't there before they "escaped" for a few hours. Because, I brush her regularly and always pet her a lot - so I know I would have felt them.
I think there are 3-4.

Weird, huh?

Poor baby. I hope it's nothing too bad - but she's reallyreally not going to like going to a new vet
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well they do sound strange - I think you are right & its best just to get the vet to check them over Hope shes ok with the new vet - I am sure they´ll be very gentle with her

Keep us posted !
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She needs to see a vet
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for Princess.. hope the vet can let you know what it is.

As far as the acne, Saki had a little before and I started washing his glass and/or ceramic bowls daily and gently cleaned his chin with a warm washcloth and a bit of antibacterial soap and it cleared up on its own.
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the only thing I can think of is that they might possibly be ticks? but if you're not in a rural area, I wouldn't think that ticks could be that readily found, plus they wouldn't be that big let us know what the vet says, what a puzzler!
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I didn't think of ticks I hope not!
There are a lot of bushes right outside the window, but I'm in an apt, so they are trimmed regularly. There aren't any tall grasses or anything that I can think of. But yeah, I'm not in a rural area. I used to live in Los Angeles, so this is "less urban", but it's definitely still not rural.

Thanks so much for reading and giving me feedback, it's appreciated. I'll be bringing her in tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping that the new vet is gentle and everything. Lily is a sweetheart, but she really gets very fidgety around vets- it's hard to get her to stay still for them. My old vet was great at calming her.

Thanks again everyone!
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I hope the visit went well!
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Hello everyone...

Lily's weird bumps on her skin cleared up by the time I got to the vet. But, I decided to go in anyway since it was such a weird thing. I was thinking maybe the could tell me what they thought it HAD been.
Of course, going in, I thought they were going to tell me that I was a worry-wart or think I was a hypochondriac.
Anyway... I go in and show them where the bumps are.

They looked at the skin and and said it was likely an allergic reaction... but then, while looking around - they found a mass nearby
It's 2cm across and 7cm long (from head to tail).

She had an update to her vaccinations during the last week of September, and they said that there is a chance that this is injection site sarcoma.
I'm so worried.
It could also be an inflammation - they said it's definitely not an infection because there is no bacteria in it.

They are doing a biopsy today.

She is absolutely my babydoll - and I am so upset/worried.

Please keep her in your thoughts!!!

She is only 5 years old and I adopted her from a shelter when she was 3. So, I've only been able to spoil her for 2 years. I know I can't focus on WHAT it is until I know for sure...
but ...
I am having a really tough time.
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I'll definitely keep you and your princess in my thoughts, I really hope the biopsy is negative, kep your chin up, it'll be ok
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Hopefully Lily's big bump is just a cyst or something. If the other bumps come back, see if you can get pictures of them to show to the vet--that may help them diagnosis the problem even if they can't see it.
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