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aggression towards owner

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Why does my kitty kat run behind me and then all of a sudden attack my legs, as if he was mad at me??
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Is he hissing or posturing before he attacks? When he was tiny did you encourage him to nip at any part of your ankles? Or play blanket wars with him, where you are under the blanket and move your feet and he is on top and attacks your feet? Kittens are smart, they know that your legs are really under there. Is he declawed? Oftentimes kittens having been through the trauma of declawing will do this behavior. Just some more information will help someone assist you better.
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Hi missmaria:

I am moving your thread over to our Behavior forum. Welcome to the site.
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Yes.. I have to agree with the kitten thing on moving of the feet etc.. I believe that my kitty Martini.. is more bores then anything. I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. But, however I have played with him, by running, bouncing at him etc.. which might have aloud him to think it was ok to do so. But he does get mad at me, and show aggression with "just" me when I don't let outside, or do something that he feels like I should..!! But again.. I have to say he is spoiled rotten... I just need to correct some of these behavior problems before they get to out of hand. Then again he is only.. 2 1/2 years old.. so I might be thinking he is going through those.. terrible twos, so to speak. I have had other cats, and that have not reacted- or acted like this one has, so I just needed to know if it was the cat, or me!!

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