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I cant leave cabinets open

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This is what happens!!!

Do your babies do that? Mine are all notorious for getting in my drawers, and cabinets....
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oh my - hope nothing broke - and same in our house, open the fridge door and theres a cat having a nosey, open a cupboard for a pan and theres a cat there
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that is too cute!
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How do they fit in such tiny spaces?!
Yeah, Kittys like, "Step back Mum. Superkitty will investigate this dark mysterious space."
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what a little cutie! I just love how cats will find the weirdest things to curl up and go to sleep in!
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I caught Fluffy lying on a plate, using a loaf of bread for a pillow, with another plate about to fall off the shelf. I guess chewing open said loaf of bread was too tiring. Any other time I would have had a camera handy.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Do your babies do that? Mine are all notorious for getting in my drawers, and cabinets....
yes! i have only 2 cabinets that don't have child locks on them, & Cable gets up on top of the fridge to try to get in them. they're empty, too - i don't know why she wants to open them!
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Mine never do anything they are stuffed animals with heartbeats..but I love them

Look at that baby...sitting in the glass dishes
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Our kitties haven't figured out how to open the cabinets. But Flowerbelle has figured out how to open my sock drawer. Our bed is a platform bed, and it has three large drawers down each side. She's small enough she could slip over the back of the drawer and go exploring under the bed! We heard thunking around and couldn't figure out what the heck it could be. I pulled open the drawer that seemed like it was just a crack open - and I saw her scrambling over the back of the drawer (to get into the back of the drawer so she could go out the front of the drawer to get out from under the bed).

I hope nothing got broken - and HOW did such a big kitty fit in there anyway?

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that is just too cute and yes u r not alone here, Tessa tries to open every cabinent in the house, and well if the china cuboards open or anything they r all in there no matter what cabinent we open they run in or open it themselves and go exploring and how our cabinents are on the bottom in the kitchen is all the way at the top of them there is a little space to get to the other ones (all connected) and well blue fits her lil skinny but up there and is out and exploring every single one
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If there is a door, the cat has to get through it

Silly kitty
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I suggest you print this photo and put it on the fridge next time you have guests over for porkchops in one of those glass dishes. Hee hee.
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I've been without a kitchen since early November (remodel) and the new kitchen cabinets went in last week. Within 1 hour, I heard the familiar wood knocking on wood thunk sound as they tried to get inside the new cabinets. They must have really missed them a lot.

Guess I better go invest in childproof latches again.......
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The pot and pan cupboard usually has a kitten exploring. Annie likes to get on the fridge and open those cupboards and knock things out. I keep light unbreakable stuff because of this. But the funny one is Sam. He will open the bottom drawer in the kitchen that has the kitchen towels and gets in to take a nap. How he opens the drawers I haven't figured out yet.
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