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Enough Already!!!!

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Hi all!

Well if you've read my recent threads in here I've been venting a lot......and now I have another. The supposed caretaker of the uni I live in is being a complete imbecile. He has caused soooooooo much stress and agitation today so I'm going to exact revenge tomorrow. Normally I'm peaceful and don't get vindictive but now I have to be. A barrel of whoop ass is going to be opened.

This caretake said he was going to repiar the flyscreens on the back of the unit. This would be fantastic so then Russell can't escape through them again and my new one now definitely won't go missing either. However, he can't give a day as to when and the company won't give me any information and won't do it until told to by the caretaker and the caretaker doesn't care. He told me today when I tried to cut through the bullpoo that if I don't like the unit move out and hung up on me. The actual landlord doesn't seem to care how his tenants are treated so after some ferreting and searching I can call upon the full force of the law and start being annoying.

We were never given a property condition report when we moved in and still don't have one. We are legally entitled to one. If we don't get one or get one as promised tomorrow a breach notice will be issued to get someone's arse into gear.

And nevermind the flyscreens, there's a power switch which is loose but still works and under the tenancy act it must be fixed urgently. So tomorrow, I'll mention that too. If it's not done, I'll call upon the full force of the law again.

I don't care if the landlord is supposedly doing us a favour because I don't think he is. We're paying to live in a place that isn't all that terrific and it is just for now. The front door needs repainting, though I can do that. At least that way I know it's done properly. The caretaker has never heard of sanding or even how to prepare a surface for painting. I don't want to be trodden on anymore.
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Mags, I haven't had a lot of time to spend in "The Lounge" lately, so I've missed your other posts , but I have this to say:

You Go Girl!

There is not much that bothers me more than people who don't care, and add to that people who don't take pride in their work. . I'm so sorry you have to suffer through this - and waste your time on "making" people do what they should be accountable for in the first place.


Some people!
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Go get 'em Mags! Just because you rent a place doesn't mean you don't want it to be nice. Or safe for that matter. I hope you get the issue resolved, and the lazy caretaker gets the full force of that barrel of whoop ass.

I don't think you're being vindictive. You are entitled to certain things and should get them. The landlord should not be a landlord if he isn't willing to live up to his end of the deal. Go Mags, go Mags!
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:girly2: :girly1: :girly2: :girly1: Go Mags!

The reason people are treated the way you are now is because most won't stand up and DEMAND their rights. You do have legal rights, and they should be held accountable to them. You Go Girl!
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Hi Loveless Gem

I have a suggestion that isn't ideal but may solve your problem.

Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns ..... you can pick up some flyscreen and beading from your local hardware peddler, Bunnings or such, for around $15 at the most. They are easy to repair (at least some are, I have no idea what type yours are .... maybe they are awakward, you live on the 25th floor :-) or some other challenge.

At least your moggies will be safe. Just a thought

Kind regards


PS I'd be off to the tenancy tribunal for sure, get this mongrel the sack which he justly deserves!
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I feel your pain, my dear. I have been flushing my toilet by reaching into the top of the tank for 3 months. We have no windows that aren't painted shut, so we have no need for screens. I cook on one burner on my stove. My landlord is my and my SO's boss, so we don't complain a lot. The temporary living arrangement that was going to be 3 months is going to turn in to a year. I hope ypu have more luck than I have been having!
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