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Betsy, I hear you! Being a pagan (i.e. witch), I just have to laugh when I hear people talking about Christian persecution. Come on - y'all are the majority in the US. The laws are built around Christian morality and are becoming more and more so all the time. Anyone can proclaim their faith as a Christian in most places, but if I told most people that I'm pagan I would be shunned. Anyone can wear a cross, but wear a pentagram sometime and see what kind of looks you get.

Case in point...yesterday at work I got a call about a free magazine subsciption for my boss. So it was a professional call, about a professional publication. At the end of the conversation, they guy said "God bless you." Honestly, yeah I was offended. Professional calls are not the place to promote religious views. He has no idea who he is talking to, or if they agree with his ideology. I don't. But you can bet your hiney that I would be fired in short order if I ended any calls with "Goddess Bless" or "Blessed Be" or even "Namaste".

I must have skipped over the dates in the article. That actually makes it worse, IMO, that the dismissal was apparently reviewed and was upheld. How many teachers have been fired for teaching Christian tenents? Would she have been fired if she had CS Lewis books that have been linked with Christianity (whether or not he meant for them to be read that way)? Would she have been fired if she was teaching about Salem and justifying the trials?
When I was in third grade, I wanted to read a bible during silent reading time because, well, it happened to be the book I was reading at the time. My teacher made me put it away because it might be offensive. I turned to my best friend, who happened to be Jewish, and asked her if she was offended. She laughed. Why would anybody be offended by what book I was reading? My mom was MAD. Just an example of things that go both ways... it seems sometimes that nobody has freedom of religion in the interest of everybody having freedom of religion. Somehow our pledge of allegiance is a de facto pledge to the Christian god, but a third grader can't read a bible in her spare time. The things that really do matter get overlooked and if anyone objects they're just whining... but things that don't hurt anybody we can't do.

I have learned to treat things like "God Bless You" as just something nice people say. Totally inappropriate, very ignorant, and a little obnoxious, yes, but they meant no harm and probably meant to be nice. Maybe he thought you sneezed. If you ended a call with Namaste... I can bet the other person wouldn't even know what you said. Same as when people say they will pray for me... to me, your religion should be private and however you feel about whatever you feel about, people shouldn't know unless you are asked or there is some reason for telling them. Anyone, of any faith, who constantly throws it in your face is being rude, insensitive, and obnoxious.