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new cat is sick

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Nine days ago we adopted a ten year old cat from the pound for our daughters birthday. He is an absolute joy, and wonderful with her. He really completes our family, and even though its only been a few days, I can't believe I've lived without him.

We named him Buddy, and we thought he was really settling in. Then on Friday or Saturday night, we noticed he looked like he was crying. But he seemed to feel fine.

Then today, he vomited a massive amount. Has had absolutely no appetite. He is hardly moving at all. Even when I vaccummed- which usually makes him jump ten feet off his favorite chair. He hardly even regarded the noise.

He has quite a bit of mucus coming from his nose and his eyes. Is this just a cat cold? Or worse?

It is late and I can't call his vet until morning... Until then I was just looking for some helpful advice. I am new to this whole cat thing. It is breaking my heart.
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Hi Cara

I am so sorry to hear he isn't well. I don't have much advise on veterinarian matters but definately get him to the vet as soon as you can! When we got Hayley from a shelter she developed the nose and eye discharge and wouldn't eat or move, we nearly lost her she was so sick but I don't remember her throwing up! But it does sound like it needs attention right away. I am sending healthy thoughts to get you and your furbaby through the night! I am sure most of the other members will be able to help you better but I think it's sleep time for most so I just wanted you to know I am here and hoping everything will be okay!

Love and Hugs
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Give kitty a nice dark quiet place to sleep. Put a cat carrier in a quiet room and cover the sides and part of the front with a blanket or towel. Put kitty inside keep the door propped open. If kitty truly is feeling puny he is going to just want to sleep and rest. Leave water (no food) and a litterbox in the room, shut the door and try not to worry.

But get the kitty to the vet as soon as you can, sounds like he needs antibiotics and probably subcutaneous fluids. Good luck!
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I can't give you any advice, I just wanted to say I hope your new kitty will be ok. What did you find out when you took him to the vet?
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