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My First Ultrasound: TWINS!!!!

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This seems absolutely unreal, but I am having twins! I went to my first apointment yesterday and got the sonogram done. I absolutely panicked when I saw those two little bodies on the screen, the doctor didnt have to say anything. Im having such a hard time believing this, but my family definately believes and they are estatic! Everyone is going absolutely crazy over the news, we have no twins in the family and these will be the first!

They are fraternal, and doctor says they are doing just fine, but says I only have a 25% chance of having a natural birth

Here are pics of the babes!

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WOW! Double the fun! That is a bummer that you may not get to have a natural birth, but think about what you get in return!! Congratulations!!!
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That is amazing Congratulations
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CONGRATULATIONS! I can't even begin to imagine the surprise and shock that you felt It's great that technology allows you to plan ahead and prepare for two babies!! If you are considering breastfeeding, you might contact the LaLeche League for any advice/tips that they can offer - for me, using pregnancy time to prepare for nursing eliminated so many of the common discomforts. And thanks for sharing the pics of the ultrasound - AMAZING
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Awwwww Congratulations!
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Thats wonderful news, I bet your whole family is over the moon !

Thanks for sharing the ultrasounds - they are just amazing to see
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That is so awesome! I wish I would have had twins first, then I would already be done having babies I'm a very cranky pregnant woman
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How wonderful...Congratulations
My cousin is also having twins (fraternal) and it has been amazing to watch her ultrasounds of them also..
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I imagine that's how you looked when you got the news!

Mom had fraternal twin siblings and I have heard many a tale of the "joys" of twins. I'll not mention them here as I don't want to scare you.
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WTG you will have to keep us posted on how you are doing. This is exciting we want to see belly pics also ok
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congratulations!! what a surprise!
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Congrats what a suprise that must of been!
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Congrats! I guess you will need to pacifiers now!
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WOW Congrats! What exciting news! Guess your list just doubled. LoL
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I´m so happy for you! you was blessed by God!
My best wishes to you my friend!
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Congrats. Twins aren't so bad - my identical granddaughters will be four next month and I plan ahead of time, for birthdays and Christmas - I'm buying and stashing stuff, all year long.

As for the birth, no worries. DIL had the girls naturally and went home, after two days in the hospital. As long as you're young and healthy, don't sweat it.
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Whoah!! I bet that was quite a shock!!

"Double the pleasure, double the fun"
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OMG congrats!!!!! What a shock huh??? That's REALLY going to change life for you!

Wow, I was kinda hoping I'd be one of the rarer cases who had twins even with none in the family, but there you go!

I think it was StarryEyedTiGer who was wishing twins upon everyone - blame her!
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I am very excited, but mainly scared. Double the stuff, double the expenses, I think the only thing that will save a few bucks is the fact that I plan on breast feeding.

I havent told my grandmother yet, I think she will be one of the only people who wont be excited. I also think im having one of each. Im HOPING for at least one girl, as im getting my tubes tied after this.

I really hope I can carry these babies to term, it would be a blessing if I could have a natural birth. Im also hoping that breastfeeding goes smoothly and that I wont have to bottle feed.

These babes are fraternal, so I dont we'll have a lot of trouble telling them apart!

I had told mom I didnt want a baby shower for this second baby, but now I told her I NEED it!
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BTW, I will post belly pics soon, I still dont have much of a belly just a pudge, mostly around my lower stomach, they are really far down.
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I am a twin and I am a special person HEHEHE and I think you will do great. OOO I can not wait. You will for sure have to post things on how it is all going.

(sorry i am conceded a little not was just humoring myself lol)
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That's awesome! Congratulations!
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Congrats, that great news and what a surprise huhi am also sending u some {having a girl vibes} ur way and keeping my fingers crossed for u u'll have double the love, double the fun, and double the trouble but its still great news Be sure to keep us updated on everything
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Twins run in John's side of the family, so I'm hoping for twins when we decide to have a baby!
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How exciting!! Congrats!!
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That's wonderful news, Congratulations!
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Wow ,


I hope your little twins to be will bring you lots of joy and love when they arrive in this big world.
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That is wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you.TWINS!!! WOO HOO!!!!
I'm sending have a girl vibes and natural birth vibes that way.
Keep us updated with pics.
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Oh my!!! How amazing!! Twins!! I wonder how they both fit in there
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