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Cat sticks face in waterbowl

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My cat ( a 3 1/2 year old black female Persian) likes to lay in front of her water bowl and stick her face in in and sometimes her paws. She also likes to get in the tub after my shower and sometimes tries to get in while im taking a shower. She likes to paw at the water while im brushing my teeth too. I was wondering if she is hot? She also likes to lick ice cubes. I fill her water bowl daily with fresh water but as soon as I put it down she sticks her face in it and paws and gets it dirty again. I don't really mind it but was wondering if this behavior is ok?
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Hi! A number of cats like moving water. Sheldon drank water that "just sat" in a bowl, but whenever we poured water into the bowl - he came RUNNING! He sticks his face into the running stream (he's just a spaz), and snorts/sneezes, and tries to lick it as it is pouring.

He also used to stick his paws in the water - LOL! Many cats try to make the water move and then drink it.

Our solution was a PetMate fountain. It has a pump so water runs down a little slope. Sheldon can't drink enough water now - he LOVES it. He still sticks his paws in there sometimes, but I think he just likes to play with the water. He also likes to dunk his toys in there.

The funniest is when he tries to "bury" the water! He takes his little paw, and "scoops" the air over and around the water. LOL! He also sometimes likes to scoop some of the water out of the bowl and lick it up off the floor.

I don't know, but I doubt your kitty is hot. She probably just likes to play with water!

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Cooper LOVES water :jarswim: ...... we think shes part fish

She loves to jump in the shower with me.... she loves to lay in a wet bathtub..... she sits in front of the dishwasher, waiting me to unload it, so I will sprinkle her with water dropletts...

She HAD a water bowl....... but she would lay in the water... she has since been given a water bottle which she still trys and dump....

I think my CAT is strange......... (you have nothing to worry about!)
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Yeah, I am going to have to agree with LDG on this one. I don't think the kitty is too warm, but one of those quircky felines that likes to play with their water .

I know my girls like to paw at their water before they drink. They hop in the shower as soon as I am out to lap at the water, and they just love their Petmate fountain. Running water is a sure way to find the litter buggers when they are hiding.

So, what I am saying is, some kitties just like water No worries, it is normal.

Only worry if she stops drinking, then you may have a problem.
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Thank you all for answering. I am so glad to know that there is nothing wrong with my baby. Better to have a silly girl than a sick one:tounge2:
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I know it's late but I'll chime in anyway....

Russell likes to play with water too. If given the chance, he plays with water running from a tap. Jumps into the shower after either I've had one or my other half has had one....

And now my 6 week old kitten is attempting the same feats....well trying to....though yesterday she decided to stand in the water bowl while drinking and then walked over to Russell and used him as a towel. lol
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