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not clothes you can wash the clothes furniture can have fleas or mites

I love your sig bean is cute.
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I will buy clothes from a second hand store anytime! (not undies!)
I buy most of my dress clothes for work there, I have to wear office attire but am on the floor or in the lab a lot. I cannot see buying an expensive pair of pants and then getting oil or coolant on them. It is easier to have to throw a $5 thing away rather than a $30 thing!
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I will buy most anything used that is a good deal. We built a new home in 2002. I furnished it Salvation Army, Thrift Store, Early America and I love it.
As for clothes, I buy most at the local thrift. But as mentioned already, I stick to outerwear. I also bought four dresses from Ebay in the fall. Two still had tags on them. The other two were washables. I paid less than $75 including all shipping. That is less than the price of one dress at Belk or Pennys. I have no problem with washing clothing and then wearing it. But my older sister said you mean you wear clothes other people have worn. I said well I wear those you give me too, and what is the difference. My favorite jeans are second hand. I don't think I would use a mattress that came from strangers.
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Most of my kids clothes come from the thrift store. It's not that we can't afford to buy them new I just hate to spend tons of money on something that they'll be out of in six months or less! I'm really picky though and only buy good condition quality clothes. My family and friends LOVE to get our hand me downs so I must be doing okay
We also picked up an entire Leather living room set (sofa, loveseat, recliner) for $200 a couple of years ago and the craigslist $25 flattop range last week that almost flew out of my husbands truck What can I say, I'm a bargain hunter
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Anything but undies, shoes, hats, matresses or anything that might be home to roaches or mice.

Everything else is fair game.
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Our home is also furnished in pretty much Thrift Store/Yard/Estate/Garage Sale! LOL! But seriously, if you take the time to shop around, you can find some tremendous buys like many of the ones y'all have already mentioned! I also like buying clothes, especially jeans, that are used for the good reason that they've already been washed several times over most of the time and if they were going to shrink, well they've already done it by now! So when I try them on and they fit, that's how they're going to surprises after I take them out of the dryer!

I also love picking up knick knacks...WOODEN DISPLAY SHELVES!!! (I love those!)...TupperWare (for a teeny fraction of the original cost!)...Pyrex and all sorts of cookware.

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Books (I adore second-hand bookstores), cars, jewelry, and furniture. I used to do a lot of antique furniture hunting and restoring, but had to give most of my really great finds to my mom or my sister when we moved overseas.
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Books books BOOKS!! I love used books, in fact I hate paying full price for a book unless I desperately want it. Once I got a full set of encyclopedias for less than $20, and lots of my books are under $1. I'm so proud of my collection of used books.

I'll also buy furniture used, and I collect old fashined glassware. I'm not big on used clothes, mostly because I hate clothes shopping so the idea of having to dig through a bunch of clothes only to find something you like and then not have the right size makes me crazy. I'd much rather go to a "real" store where they have a full selection in every size... much easier for the lazy person who lives within me.

Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
I will buy anything but underwear and mattresses used.
At work we had a silent auction of used items that the company had accumulated over the years. This included 2 mattresses. "Slightly stained" mattresses. I kid you not. I giggled hysterically about it with my co-worker until I was forced into stunned silence when both of them sold for a good $100 each.
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Nevada casinos sell their old furniture, dirt cheap. When I lived up there, I bought a Thomasville 9-drawer dresser for $35 and the matching nightstands were $5 each.

Here in AZ, used furniture is safe, as it has to be sterilized. My oak desk was bought, back in the late 50s, at a government surplus auction (if you live near a military base, you can get some good deals there).
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I agree, the military bases are a great place to get some awesome deals! My hubby worked at Whitman AF Base in Missouri ages ago and we'd go to the base for sales on weekends! It was really rewarding!

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I will buy almost ANYTHING 2nd hand, including bra's. I will NOT buy underpants 2nd hand. I also don't like to buy silverware 2nd hand, but I guess it would be OK, because if you boil it, all germs would be killed. It really bothers me, though. The thought of putting something in my mouth that other people have put in their mouth.
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I used to buy clothes second hand. I have a friend who is the same size as me that gives me clothes. She goes shopping all the time so the clothes she gives me usually aren't too old.
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clothes (but absolutely NO underware,bras, or socks),luggage, cars, books,furniture (depends on what it is- i would never buy a 2nd hand bed - i don't wanna know what's on there , electronics (depends on what it is), dishes depending on what condition their in.....i'm really not too picky. You can find REALLY cute things 2nd hand if you know how to shop- i don't care if it's new or second hand for most things- i'm not too good to use it
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