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What all do you buy second hand?

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I was talking to the hubby last night that in a few weeks I need to get some more jeans. I only have 3 or 4 that fit me now. But I had paying 15-20 bucks for a pair of jeans. So I told him I will be going to thrift shops to get some jeans that are still perfectly good but cheaper. He looked at me like I was crazy. But see the thing is growing up my mom almost always got our clothes at thrift shops and I guess it has been ingrained in me that second hand is as good as first hand. Now I do draw the line at under clothes but jeans and shirts yes I buy second hand.

So what about ya'll what do you buy second hand?
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Alot of my friends do this. I HATE to shop. I have a friend who is the same size as I am, when she clean out her closet I take those clothes. But I also buy books and cd'S 2nd hand and friends buy thier kids video games.
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I will buy jeans, shorts, shirts and maybe books or stuff like that. I do not buy underclothes or shoes though.
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I used to wear second hand all the time as a kid. Maybe I still have a few shirts that I wear, I can't remember.

But for my jeans, I can only go to Stitches, sometimes Garage. I am veryyy small.. like size 00 to 0.
And usually these places are the only places that I can find that carry those sizes in styles I like.

For the rescue I always buy stuff from there. Have bought a few chairs, a mini couch/loveseat sort of thing, for the dog thats there. Pictures, shelves, tons of things for the rescue. If I see something I like, I buy it, but I can never find jeans there, so I stopped trying.
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I don't buy secondhand generally...If I see something at a yard sale, I might pick it up..But not clothes or anything I would wear on my body...ew...
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I'm like jamasmom, I get all my clothes second hand, but mine are from my Mom and sister who are pro shoppers so when they clean out their closets to make room for more clothes, I get the castoffs I seriously have not bought clothes other than socks, bras and undies in over 2 years and the clothes I bought then were only cause I had coupons and a gift card, so I guess I really didn't buy those either!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm like jamasmom, I get all my clothes second hand, but mine are from my Mom and sister who are pro shoppers so when they clean out their closets to make room for more clothes, I get the castoffs I seriously have not bought clothes other than socks, bras and undies in over 2 years and the clothes I bought then were only cause I had coupons and a gift card, so I guess I really didn't buy those either!
That'd be nice. But no one I know is the same size as me.

Even my younger sister is bigger than me. Now if I could grow 4 or 5 inches...
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Hmmm, my vans have been second hand, and I have bought used tires because I couldn't afford new. My computer is used, but it was given to me (have had to replace the hard drive and modem). I've bought used computer mice. That's all I can think of for now.

I am the opposite of Leto86 when it comes to clothing size so buying new is a must.
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Anything but underwear and shoes, if I manage to find something nice. I like the idea of buying second hand, because people waste so much perfectly good stuff. I think it's outrageous.
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Def. I am with the no undies crew. But just about anyhting I like I will buy 2nd hand. Just wash it up before you wear it and you are good!
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I love thrift store and yard sales, and will buy almost anything, (no undies or pjs), at them. We have good ones here from the military families, and all the stuff they gather all over the place.
I always loved going to yard sales in Kansas City. They have them all week, and whole neighborhoods have them at once. Some people sell drinks and refreshments, kids will carry your stuff to your car in their wagons, and the guys hire out their trucks to deliver big items. It was fun. They have great thrift stores, too.
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I am not a shopper but I love the DI here it is like thrift store. I can find stuff in such great shape. I hate to spend alot for something I wear a few times. I did get tons of pans there even a crockpot for 2.00 and it is super size. My toaster went poop so I paid 3.00 for a 4 slice it is now on its 3rd year with me ooo wait here is the stiller. I paid 3.50 for a computer tower yes a computer. I figure if it was slow it was fine it is just for the kids games. It kicks butt. It is fast not like lightning and no sound or modum but hay it works great my kids love it. and it is now almost 2 yrs old
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I like buying home furnishings secondhand; it's a great way to find unique items for your home that haven't been mass-produced (and therefore can be found in everyone else's houses!). My mom and I are about to start hitting some auctions for area rugs and tables for the new house!
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I buy all new clothes but by used books and cruise what else Goodwill has like vases or other decorating things. We have some furniture from auctions and a couple of Neil's bigger pieces of woodworking tools are used like the lathe he just got and the radial arm saw. I will check out consignment shops for furnishing too.
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I will buy clothes(no panties or bras though) I think 2nd hand shopping is a good idea!! Ya just never know what you will find

"One mans junk, is another mans treasure"
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I've bought a couple of articles of designer clothing on e-Bay which were gently used. I usually buy my clothes new, because I like to try stuff on before I buy...hard to fit, big bust, small shoulders. I've bought used jeans before that were in like new condition. I wouldn't even consider buying second hand bras, undies, socks or pj's.....ewww! I don't really care for garage sales, but some of the thrift shops are fun to hunt through. I work an insane schedule, so it's kind of hard to get time to do it though. My mom is the queen of thrift shops, and loves to drag me with her when she can! I took some of my better clothes to a consignment shop last summer. Got rid of a lot of stuff and made more than I could have at a rummage sale!

Pookie & the girls
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books, cd's, random nick-nacks, and furniture. my favorite purchase of all time is my fabulous 1950's dinette set.
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I have long been a fan of thrift/consignment/vintage stores. Most of my furniture is thrift-shop stuff.

Just last week, I got a 3-drawer lingerie chest and an end table and only spent $22. My glass-topped coffee table was only $10.

Tucson has a couple of high-end consignment stores and I buy a lot of clothes there, as well as at the vintage shops. I have items dating from the 1880s to the present day.
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I have some vintage coats, and have bought old furniture. Now I'm rethinking that because of the resurgance of bedbugs that live in wood!

I buy shirts and jeans for Daughter from a huge thrift store we have here. There's lots of almost-new stuff (kid didn't like it, or it didn't fit). I've found her some Limited, Too (love that store and we don't have it here) sweaters for $5 each, one with the tag still on it.

I love bargains, and hardly ever pay full price for things.
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I forgot to add I buy tin cans Dont ask trust me LOL.
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I love buying used! People are just so wasteful these days and many of us aren't afraid/ashamed/hesitant to 'profit' from that! Most of my clothes are from either thrift shops or yard sales...except for underclothing of course! We've picked up all sorts of great bargains over the years including tools of all sorts as well as furniture. Our best find was however this wonderful creature...

'Spike' was owned by the young men having the yard sale, they were moving to an apartment and couldn't take him with them...he would be taken to the pound if no one wanted him! We snatched him up quickly before anyone else could say a word about him! He was wonderful! He lived with us for about a year til we found a better home for him...lots of room to run and play. Several neat things about Spike...one is that he was a rottweiler with a tail! He'd never had his docked and he was so beautiful! We hadn't had a dog with a tail in years!!! It was great being around him and being 'thumped' all the time! Another awesome thing is that The Price Was Right! We got him for....free! The boys just wanted a home for him!

Anyway, I'd say Spike was our best yard sale treasure ever!

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Hilda I think you are correct he look like the best yard sale find
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i look for my corelle and old pyrex/corningware at resale shops (goodwill and salvation army stores here). i've been given coffee mugs and a cute spongebob shirt secondhand. and found a brand new spongebob pillow at goodwill for $3. for me, what i buy secondhand depends on the item and condition.

as far as taking things secondhand for free, i stick to people i know so i know how the item was treated before i got it.

i'm also willing to freecycle useable things too. our futon was happily freecycled, and a college student got a nice queen sized wood frame futon. next time we move, we are probably going to freecycle our bed.
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Hilda? You win!
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I have second hand jeans, shirts, furniture, computer. Only paid for the computer. The rest was given (friends). I haven't bought outerclothes in a long time, although I splurge on socks and undies.

I've given up buying used beer though. Always tastes like pee.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042 View Post
I've given up buying used beer though. Always tastes like pee.
lol @ that!!!!

I don't usually but my mum-in-law is a fiend for second hand shops and get some lovely bargains - winter coats and shoes usually!

I did however find this (not the best pic as I cant quite show how pretty it is) at a second hand shop last Xmas. I needed a dress for the works Christmas party - I don't usually 'do' dresses, so I was loathed to spend cash on a new frock which I would wear once and then never again. I happened to see this on a mannequin in a window and tried it on - DH found a pair of heels for me in the same shop - one instant outfit!!! The dress was £4 and the shoes were £1.50!!!! The little chains are silver, and the little shiney bits as glass beads in the shape of flowers. The ribbon is satin and ties round the back of my neck, and the bodice is very tight and fitted - very flattering with the flippy skirt.

General consensus of opinion from my colleagues and mates was that I looked a million dollars - almost looked like a proper girly!!!!!!

I like it so much I may even wear it again!!!!!
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Oh that is soooo pretty! And very, very girlie!

Great buy!
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I will buy anything but underwear and mattresses used.

My exboyfriend used to go dumpster diving for food, but I can't make myself do it.

I'm not above grabbing stuff of the kerb on big trash day... that's where my desk and my nightstand and some chairs are from.
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I have to add I bought 2 cat trees for 2.00 It is on another thread It was a great deal at the DI
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I don't buy clothing second hand, just thinking about a stranger wearing the clothes before me is gross. I do sometimes buy furniture or things like electronics second hand. But never clothing.
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