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I hope this is the right place to post..I adopted Cyclopes 5 years ago from the ASPC at a year old...When I went there I knew I wanted the cat whom had been there the longest ..well that was him, Cyclopes was born and lived their for an entire year...I assumed no one wanted him b/c he was so timid...He shook so hard the first time I held him...anyway he didn't have many skills that kitties do. For example, he was crazy clumbsy and constantly falling off stuff (worried I had him checked by my vet) and very socially isolated(daily have to drag him out of his hiding spot so he would eat)..He got anxiety alot and would scratch himself to sores(extensive testing for mange, allergies, etc you name it). I talked to my vet about all the issues(long list and countless vet trips) with him and she said it was possible he was under-developed mentally...(that he was handicap). So much more happened and all of this went on for about a started to get exhausting.
Well that was all in the first year and if you could see him today..WOW..He is a complete different affectionate, potty trained, not scared, no anxiety, and is confident. I think being locked up in a cage for his first year attributed to all his behavior...He had so much to learn and he did. He has gotten so brave that he plays in the backyard and chases the butterflies Cyclopes wanted to share his story in hopes that those who adopt keep doing so!! Every morning there he is licking my arm purring...Hubby says he is just wants to be fed...I say he is thanking me for another day.
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What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it! It's a great example of how long it can take a cat to settle in and feel confident and comfortable when they've had a bad start in life. I bet looking back to that time you never thought he'd turn into the great companion he is today. Congratulations
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That's such a touching story. Bless you for wanting to rescue the one who deserved it most and giving him a warm and loving home.
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Thanks for giving him a chance! So many people would give up!
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You are a saint to have adopted this boy in the first place, then having the patience to turn him around. What an inspiration for folks that are thinking about giving up on their cats. Almost all cats will come around if you give them the love that they need.

Good job!!!!
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What a great story Well done both of you.
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Bless you for adopting Cyclopes and making him into the happy, healthy kitty he deserves to be!
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What a wonderful story, thank you for working so hard for Cyclopes, I am sending some hugs from Mississippi for you.

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Thank you for sharing such a touching story about your sweet boy and bless you for giving him the patience to blossom!
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That is such a wonderful adoption story..good for you and for Cyclopes..
Thank you for sharing his story with us..
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Thanks everyone for the support and sweet replies
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Bless your heart for adopting this sweet kitty! Without a caring person like you he would probably have never known what it is liked to be loved.
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