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Sick again

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I need a group hug...

Well, looks like I've relapsed. I knew something was going on all day and by 6pm, I was coughing again.

Tonight, my bones are achy and my lungs feel like they are on fire. I think the pneumonia may be back. I also have a slight fever. I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever end. It'll be one month soon that I am battling this. Medication, puffer and all. The only bright spot right now is that I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the morning already because they want to test my lungs again. Guess it's perfect timing for this to happen.

Okay, I must admit....I am just feeling a little down right now and was hoping someone here could make me feel better.
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Whisker's mom,

I hope you will feel better soon Sorry to hear you are not feeling well ....... Get some rest & have some soupt :angel2:
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Thank you Tigger.

I am going to try to rest now. I have some of that 'magic cough syrup' left from a few weeks ago. It knocks me right out!
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Sleep good & I hope you feel better in the morning
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Don't you just hate it when that happens?!?!?!! I hope you're feeling a lot better soon!
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Hope you will feel much better tomorrow. Am sending healing thoughts and a teddy bear hug.
Hugs, Dee
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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I hope you feel better. Maybe all of us can work up some of the TCS board magic for you. Wishing you a peaceful night from me and my furkids.
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Hope you're feeling much better very soon.
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Thanks guys for caring and for all the hugs.I am grateful to be able to turn to you guys when I am feeling down. It does help.

Unfortunately, I did not sleep through the night. Wish I had I guess I will know in a few hours exactly what is going on. I ended up being hit with a migraine on top of it all around 2:30am. Hubby woke up this morning and I had taken my bathrobe belt and tied it around me head (guess it's a funny sight to wake up to). When I tie it tight enough, it sometimes relieves the pressure and helps get rid of the migraine. It seems to have worked. I can still feel it somewhat lingering in the background but hopefully it will go away completely soon.

I guess I will know in a few hours if it's starting over again or not. Hopefully not.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great day!
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You poor thing. I know exactly what you are going through as my mum battled this (combined with asthma) just a year or so ago.

Ghyslaine, you MUST get as much rest as possible. My mom had the luxury of not having a job, so she was able to get LOTS of rest, and it still took about two months before she was almost back to herself again. Although, she was so bad at the beginning that she had to spend two weeks in the hospital. But the illness was SO frustrating. My heart reaches out to you and your whole family.

I know that's not what you want to hear, but it is a really tough illness to battle. Sleep is your friend, and you need lots and lots and lots and lots of it. And then more. PLEASE take it as easy as possible!

I've been keeping you in my prayers, and you'll stay there. I'm sorry that I probably haven't cheered you up much, but you MUST listen! GET REST. They can give you all the medication in the world, but if you don't give your body as much downtime as possible, it'll keep dragging on.

Get in bed and stay there for a couple of days!

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Ghyslaine - we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry about the migraine too. You're really battling it all!

I just wanted to get this in - I hope you're still on line and can see this before you go to the Doc. Have you asked about sleeping pills?

When Gary had surgery, he had to have as much rest as possible. He is an insomniac to begin with. The Doctor prescribed "Ambien" for him. It is the only sleeping pill that has ever worked for him. It helped him to fall asleep within about 15 minutes of taking it (AMAZING for him), he slept through the night - but, importantly, was able to wake up when he needed to visit the bathroom, and was able to fall right back asleep. He said he didn't feel "drugged," and he woke up without any kind of left-over feeling, or, if you will, without a "hangover." Please ask about it, it might really help out here.

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Hi Laurie!

Thank you for the info.

My doctor has me on a strong cough syrup It is very powerful and knocks me out within 1/2 hour. I am only allowed to use it at bedtime because it is considered addictive (narrcotic??) It's caled Hycodan. My problem is that the coughing starts up within a few hours after taking it anyways. I'm not too sure if a sleeping pill would help my coughing any. I will see what he says. At this point, I'm almost convinced if he told me: "Take this hammer and hit yourself over the head and you'll feel better". I'd believe him! :LOL:

He is also wondering if Asthma may be playing a role here. I have been on a puffer for 2 weeks. Between you and I, I'm not sure what it is doing. My chest is still rattling, although not as much as the last time (yet). 2 months for your mom huh? It seems like such a long time. I remember Jeanie saying it took forever for her to get better also. Not fun.

I'll keep you posted and let you know what the Dr. says.

Thanks again!
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Duh. Of course it's the coughing that's keeping you up. Hycodan sounds like something I had when I had a really bad case of bronchitis. The "codan" part sounds like it has codeine in it, which is an opium synthetic, which would be the narcotic part of it. After his back surgery, Gary was on a pain killer called vicodin, also a codeine-based thing, and he was still able to take the Ambien. But I don't know if it would help at all, since the medicine you have is helping you fall asleep, and coughing is waking you up. Obviously I haven't fully woken up yet this morning, sorry Ghys!

Yeah - it took a long time. You were diagnosed with Asthma, right? I'm sure that's part of the problem. I don't know what makes it come and go, but my mom sometimes sounds like she has pneumonia, and it's just the asthma. She has a nebulizer, which is a machine that administers the medicine. It's the next step above a puffer, which she started with.

Didn't you start Yoga? You should keep that up, if you can (and if you can breathe for it!). My mom took relaxation classes, and it really helped. And people may laugh at me, but have you considered acupuncture? Modern medicine scoffs, but I've had acupuncture to help with "women's problems" and it worked. It didn't hurt at all - in fact, it was quite relaxing. They don't know why it helps, but there have been actual studies done, just like for new medications, and acupuncture has been shown to actually help with women's problems, lower back problems, and breathing problems like asthma. It won't help the pneumonia - but once you get over that, if the asthma is a problem (I wonder if the Doctors can tell how much of what you're suffering through is the asthma and how much is the pneumonia?), you might want to consider it.

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Laurie, right now, the doctor just suspects that I may have Asthma. I am really not sure how they confirm this or not. Especially if you have pneumonia. I'll see.

Don't worry about the sleeping pill suggestion. I am ready for anything now! A couple of weeks ago, I bought some SleepEze thinking that it may knock me out didn't. I'm thinking tonight will be a better night!!!

Yes, I am still doing Yoga. Was there yesterday at noon. I was not even aware that I was getting sick all over again at that time. I did notice I had difficulties with the "breate in through the nose and out through the nose" part. Should have realised it then. She is really nice because right now, we are doig all poses that can help the chest area and open up the airways. I go back tomorrow morning (if I am up to it). I don't want to stop because then I may quit.

I have never had acupuncture. Did consider it at one time (I have allergies also).

Well...I have to go (doctor's appt. in 1/2 hour)

Bye for now!
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take care of yourself ,and get better soon !

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Ghys - get some rest! If you do have asthma ask for Advair - it is the purple disk. It really works, but it is expensive. At least at work we have medical coverage. It is really worth the $125 Cdn per month. What you need is a week at a spa - how about I go with you so you don't get lonely?
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Thanks Sydney!

Ady...the spa, what a great idea!!!! When can you leave?

Came back from my doctor's. Failed my test but he doesn't seem too worried yet. I am back on antibiotics and have to go see him next wednesday. No mention of pneumonia. He listened to my lungs and did not comment. I think I am too tired cause all I did was listen to him tell me that my oxygen level was lower this week and that my throat looked very sore then I watched him write a prescription. No questions asked. He also told me to make sure my boys wash their hands immediately when they get off the school bus. I'm not sure if they do that. I doubt it. 48 hours, after the anti-biotic kick in, I shall be back to normal!!!!
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((((HUGS)))) Being sick is no fun, and being sick for this long has to be miserable. I agree with what everyone has said - rest and relax. That will do almost as much for your body as the drugs.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!
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Thanks for the hug Hiedi!
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Ghys - please look after yourself - pneumonia is horrible and dangerous. I had it as a child and was on an isolation ward for 5 days.

Make sure the doctors take it seriously and any signs of worsening get yourself right back to the docs.

I eo hope it eases up soon - this time give yourself enough time to convalesce. Can the kids go to stay with relatives until you're feeling stronger?
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Ghyslaine, I don't think you should go back to work until you are completely recovered, and that means when you can work a normal day and not be exhausted. Be sure to get the pneumonia shot after you are recovered also. I have asthma and I had pneumonia twice in the last couple of years. When I had asthma without a cold, I wheezed and whistled when I exhaled. I don't always have it, but the pneumonia caused permanent scarring to my lungs. That's why I'm not teaching any more. That's why I'm urging you to take this seriously. That might even mean your job could be in jeopardy; I know that. It's better than becoming an invalid at a young age. Do what's necessary for your health.
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Please take what Jeanie says to heart. This is potentially very very serious. Also, please, no matter how bad you're feeling at the time insist that the doctor give you answers and doesn't just hand you prescriptions. You need to know exactly whats wrong and what the doctor expects the medication to do for you in what kind of time frame. Doctors seem to be in a hurry most of the time so we as individuals are responsible for finding out every thing we can about what ever is wrong so we can do every thing possible to help ourselves. Doctors can miss things so we need to be vigilant. I do hope you will feel better soon and please get lots and lots of rest. Am still sending healing thoughts and hugs.
Blessed Be Ghyslaine.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Just saw that you have been sick again! I hope you are feeling better now! *HUGS* (PS>>>check your e-mail, I just sent you one)
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Yola, Jeanie, Dee and Debby.

Gosh...I'm not sure what to say, looks like I never replied to all of you. Not sure why. Sorry.

Thank you so much for the hugs!!!! Much appreciated.

I go back on wednesday for more tests. I can't say I am not feeling better but I can't really say I am either. I have ups and downs throughout the day. It seems I am relying on my puffer to get me through the rough spells and I am not sure if I like that. I don't want to end up needing a puffer permanently.

I have been thinking today....if my test comes back with my lungs still not having improved any, then I wil consider some time off to rest and recover. I keep telling myself it's not that bad anymore because I do have good moments during the day. But....I want to be 100% better. I have been taking it easy at work and they do not push me at all. I have a great boss. He has even suggested that. Guess part of me is a work-a-holic and I can't imaging not being there but right now....I am getting frustrated and fed up.

On the bright side: I am able to almost sleep through the night!

Thanks for all of you good thoughts. You have all been so supportive.

Dee, I am writing my questions down this time. I get so intimidated when I am at the doctors/dentists. I don't know why.

Jeanie, they only give the pneumonia shot to someone who has approx. 4 relapses in a short period of time. I will ask him about it though. After all, it's a once in your whole lifetime shot.

I am also organising a flu shot workshop at work. The Victorian Nurses will come to our workplace and will be providing this free of charge to whomever wants. My company is picking up the tab (there is an $11.00 per employee charge). I think it's great of them. We are approx. 80 employees. Once one gets sick, it seems to be never ending. maybe this will help.
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Ghyslaine - you must get rest. No matter what, that is the priority. Listen to Jeanie!!!!!!
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Ghys, my Bill has asthma AND emphysema. Since last summer, he's been on Flovent and Seravent, twice a day. He, also, has an albuterol rescue inhaler. Since he's been on these meds, he has a lot more stamina.

I'm making him get flu and pneumonia shots, too. He's 57 and, with his lungs, its better to prevent, than treat.

If you're not getting better or, at least, some relief look around for a good pulmonologist. A G.P. can only keep up, so much.
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