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Cat problem

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Hello everyone!

My uncle brought home a 3mos old kitten which he is very cute and small. Joey gets all the attention from them. I think Mickey is feeling left out, he wants to be the top cat. Well Molly doesn't bother with him and she doesn't like Joey playing with her. Mickey was ok with the kitten at first but now he doesn't seem to want the little guy around. He seem really depressed now, eats less food then before, runs away from them now and doesn't play when the kitten is around. Mickey was very hyper and use to eat like a pig before Joey came along. Should they be concern for Mickey or do you think he is jealous of the kitten. Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
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I'm sure you're right -- Mickey does feel unappreciated! Whenever a new pet joins the family, it's very important to lavish attention on all the other pets, so they'll understand that you still love them and the "new kid" is not a threat to them.

You can also ease the resident kitties's concerns by introducing the new kitten carefully, following the guidelines shown here:


I know Joey has been in the house for awhile already -- but if the problems are serious, you might try separating him from the rest and re-introducing him in the manner described in that thread. It can really make a difference in whether your other cats accept him.

Joey sounds precious! Do you have pictures?
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also remember not to force Mickey to come around. He is adjusting to the new "intruder". He may be distant for a while but with time and patience he will come around. He will get curious about the new kitten and you will notice him coming up to you guys again.
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Yes I have pictures of him!
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Definitely provide Mickey with the majority of attention right now. Not so much the kitten. Mickey needs to feel reassured he still is wanted and loved. Give him some extra cuddles and rubbins' right now.
Please post some pics of the two, and let us know how Mickey does!! I'll be sending him some good kitty vibes that he feels more adjusted with his new friend soon.
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