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moving in.. introducing cats to old resident cat. help!

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Hi. I'm new to the forums and looking for advice. I have 3 cats - one is 8yrs and the other two are 7 (litter mates). They've lived together peacefully for 7 yrs. I recently moved in with my significant other who has a very old cat. His guess is that she's at least 15 yrs. All cats are spayed females. His cat is EXTREMELY territorial. she has cornered all 3 of my cats under his bed a few times now. I bought a screen door and put it up in the doorway of his bedroom to separate them. a couple times a day i switch the cats in the house giving my cats time to check out the new house and his cat time to check out their space. it's only been a couple of days and i know its going to take time but any advice is greatly appreciated. my cats are doing very well in adapting to the new house but they are terrified of his cat. i don't expect that they'll all be buddy-buddy, but i'd at least like for them to co-exist semi-peacefully.
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First thing I'd suggest doing is investing in a Feliway diffuser. It diffuses cat pheromones which will calm everyone down!

And you should really read this forum as there are TONS of great ideas for introducing cats. Since you are bringing your 3 into the 15 year old's territory, I'd consider them the "new" cats and her the (suitably ) "old" cat. If you follow the suggestions there (and in the article they link at the top), AND if you have some patience, I'm sure everyone can co-exist peacefully!

One other thing that I'd suggest is clipping everyone's claws (provided it doesn't cause them too much stress). That way if they do have a few run-ins with one another, you don't have to worry about anyone bleeding or losing an eye!
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Cool! Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely get one of those diffusers tomorrow. I hope it works. I've read good things about it. Hopefully we can pull this off without too much stress.
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I'm trying to be patient and let this all happen in it's own time. I still have some questions regarding introduction. So far, since the last post, I've bought a Feliway plug-in and the spray. I've sprayed all the prominent areas a couple times over. I've installed a screen door in the doorway of the bedroom. I let the resident cat have the house during the day and swap the cats out for a few hours at night. I feel as though there's not even the slightest progress.

My cats will not go near the hallway that leads to the separation room once I let them out in the house. They won't eat if the food is near the hallway. There isn't even a little spark of curiosity in any of the cats, including the resident cat. The resident cat is loud, even when she talks to us and as soon as my cats hear her voice, they hide. The resident cat isn't curious at all (we know she's somewhat deaf and we think almost blind). They're just so scared of her and I don't know how to build their confidence up. Other than that, they will roam around the living room and diningroom, but won't go in the direction of the bedroom. I see everyone as being avoident and it makes me feel as though I have to force them to face each other head on (but i know that's a bad way of doing it).

I may be being a little impatient, but the cat thing is stressing me out so much and depressing me. I just want everyone to get along. Any advice on sparking curiosity or building confidence? Or how I can get this rolling a little faster?
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Don't be alarmed about them not eating much.
That happened when I introduced my babies to each other.
How long has it been? I did a lot of reading when before we introduced Maverick to Penelope and I heard it could take up to 6 weeks to get everyone adjusted. It took mine 48 hours, but hey, that NOT normal.

I'd continue with what you are doing for now. And keep checking here for some advice. Everyone has some good life experience with kitties.
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Hi. It's only been 5 days. I know that's not a long time. I just wish they'd get a little curious. Lol, just as I'm typing this, one of my cats was on my lap and darted claws out to hide when she heard the resident cat meowing at my boyfriend in the other room.
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Have you tried exchanging bedding with their scents?
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Exchanging bedding with their scents is a really good idea. And great that you got the Feliway diffusers, they will help with the atmosphere.

It's understandable that your cats are nervous with the resident cat as she'd already had a chance to terrorize them a little bit. They will come around soon enough. A new home is scary enough for cats, and a resident cat makes it that much more foreboding...

Just take it slow and don't rush them. You are definitely on the right track!
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Hi. I've done the cat rub down thing with socks. I also put a towel down on one of my cats favorite chairs a couple days ago and just this morning put that towel over the resident cat's bed. She sniffed it a little and laid down. I also fed her her favorite treats while she was laying on it. There was kind of a funny situation this morning. My boyfriend fed his cat and I fed mine. When his was done eating she walked down the hallway and let out this little half meow/ half yowl at the door (nothing like she has been belting out) and that was it. of course what ever cat was at the door turned and ran, then she darted at the screen. the resident cat seems to dart after the cats when they turn their backs. His cat has a couple cat beds in the house. I put one in the room with my cats. I know they won't lay on it though. They only like chairs and human beds. but maybe they'll sniff it.
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