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Help me play!

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Ginger Cookie likes to ride around on my shoulders. Usually she's a kitty scarf, but last night she saw the pull string from the attic, and it was too much for a kitty to resist!

Satisfied that she had killed it, she relaxed on Meowmy's shoulder.

(Excuse the ladder...we're still painting, and procrastinating fully!)
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Aww, what a beautiful girl she is! So full of spunk!
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Cats..always using ya!
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What a sweet, silly beauty Ginger is! Tiger rides around on my shoulder all the time and when my brother visits he rides around on his, too.
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What a beauty! She's gorgeous! And looks fiesty, too, precious kitty!
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What a silly kitty
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awww......... the things we do for our kits eh
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Awwwww Heidi those are great Sophie's my shoulder climber as well as soon as i bend over she's up!
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haha, that's adorable!
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Haha, what a silly kitty!!! I love it when my cats(Chloe is the biggest one that does it) rides on my shoulders.
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I see Ginger Cookie is still finding ways to get exactly what she wants. She's such a beauty, Heidi!
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That is so funny!!
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Thats cute. So nice of her to stick her bum in your face!
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WHAT cute pics! You have a parrot-kitty! Gary wants a parrot-kitty or a scarf-kitty. Flowerbelle is comfortable riding around if there's an arm involved, but that's as close as we get.

That is just toooooooo sweet!

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Every time I see a picture of Ginger, all I can think of is how much she has blossomed since you got her.
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