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I wanna be just like my big bruvver!

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Trent was laying in Earl's chair, looking gorgeous (I'm not biased, though ), so I took his picture.

Then Mojo hops up on the chair and decides she wants to be just like her big brother!

She's even got the ears down! She just isn't as big or fluffy as Trent. Or a boy. But other than that.... (Don't let the angle fool you - she's really not even 1/2 of Trent's size, she was just closer to the camera.)

I just thought it was the cutest thing!
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Awww, I just adore black cats, they are gorgeous!
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Mojo is just beautiful, Heidi. And Trent is very handsome.
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imitation is the biggest form of flattery..or sumtin like dat
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That is cute! It's always nice to see that cats get along and don't mind sharing.
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They're so cute! It's like they want to be twins! How can you resist that double dose of cuteness???
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Awww She must love her brother very much
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o my that is just too precious and look at those two cuties
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Aw they are so cute They look like they know it too
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Gosh Heidi their fur's so glossy!!

Mojo has settled in perfectly with the others
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What a Sweet pic, MoJo is adorable...Trent reminds me of Wickett...I love them both
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Awwwwwwww with 2 black cats in your house, your luck has doubled. How beautiful they both are and oh so regal.
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That's too cute! Your babies are just beautiful.
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aww Mojo is Teddys TCS twin and I just love Trent, all that lovely fluffy hair
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They both have that "I am NOT amused at having my picture taken" look!

They are beautiful!
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Too cute!! I love how they have their ears in the exact same position - one down and turned, and one up.
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Thank you all for the kind comments!

Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
They both have that "I am NOT amused at having my picture taken" look!

They are beautiful!
I was equally amused by their matching annoyed look too! Especially since Mojo is definitely the least annoyed kitty I have ever met. AnnoyING, yes, but not annoyed!
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i just love black cats. Mojo is making her self right at home
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What 'lil saints! Glad they can rest peacefully together.....
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They're both gorgeous, Heidi! Gotta love those sleek, shiny black kitties.
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"I want my picture taken! Take a picture of me!"
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They are 2 breathtakingly beautiful cats.
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OMG HEIDI! I haven't seen pictures of Mojo yet - and OMG! I cannot believe how much she looks like Ming Loy! I flashed the pic to Gary - and he did a total double-take - like he was about to ask where the heck did that picture of Ming Loy come from!

Of COURSE she's gorgeous!

And Trent is just magnificent. I mean - that is the word for him, especially in this picture. What a beautiful boy! He always looks a little upset in pictures - but WHAT a great photo!

And I am always amazed at how well you take pictures of your black kitties! I just can't get it right.

I need some Ophelia pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and I'd love to see Ginger again....

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I was just going to comment how similar Mojo and Ming Loy look in Ming Loy's thread! And they have the same mischievious look when they play, that I just haven't really been able to capture with Mojo.
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I have to take a picture of Ming Loy when she's sitting in that position. It's uncanny!

But really - maybe I can take "action" photos - but you got that "black kitty" ability down - and your babies look as gorgeous as they really must look! I just can't seem to capture that.

So.... about those Ophelia and Ginger pics.... ????

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Here's the latest of Ginger Cookie

And now that Ophelia has come out of hiding - 5 months after Ginger came home (sounds like Spooky, huh?) - I can finally get more pics of her.
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they even have the same expression on their face!
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