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So I made a dentist appt. yesterday for my tooth that has been hurting me and I can't get in until the 21st since the dentist is going on vacation. I guess I will have to suck it up until then, but it isn't hurting me as much unless I eat sweet stuff.
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Ooooh, that's no fun!!
They always seem to take vacation time when you need them the most.. huh?

I hope it doesn't hurt tooo much 'til you can get it fixed! You'll make it!!!! Just ummm....lay off the sweets??.......heh yah right at least for meee
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ewww, that sucks I have a bit of a toothache myself, and I hate the dentist that I have thru my insurance and have been putting off looking for a new one so I can only chew on one side do you have any ambesol? I've heard that's good for toothaches
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thanks sweetiecat.


oh I know! I did eat a few pieces of candy, my bad. I just can't stay away from it but I will have to for now. I hope your tooth is better soon!
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Tooth pain

If you to the health food store you can get some oil of clove that is sippose to help with tooth pain.
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do you rub it on your tooth? I may need to get some.
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
do you rub it on your tooth? I may need to get some.
You rub it on the gum around the tooth. It will naturally take the pain away.
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Oh Bless your heart I HATE THE DENTIST
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I have a 2:00 appt tomorrow if you want it!
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OMG thats like 3 more weeks!!
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