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Innova Evo and urinary health

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Hi, I just registered with this site and have tons of questions. I have 5 siamese cats (one over the Rainbow Bridge.) Recently I have tried to change my cat's diet since I realized that the premium organic grainful dry diet was really hurting them. I almost lost my youngest one due to sand in bladder. He ended up having perineal urethrostomy (which basically turned him into a girl by widening the urethra passage.) Since then I have gotten educated on how dry food changes the PH and learned that raw is an optimal diet for my babies. Knowing how addicted they are to dry food (in the past have unsuccessfully tried to swich them to wet which they absolutely abhor), this time I am taking baby steps, and have swiched them to Innova Evo dry and Wellness grainfree varieties wet. I was wondering if somebody has an experiences with Evo specifically regarding to urianry problems. Is there any research that shows a more acidic PH achieved with a grain free diet that is not raw?
Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions with me. This forum seems great, I am so glad I found you
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Urinary issues is the only reason my vet WOULD NOT recommend using EVO .... Its % are just not right if you have that issue....The ASH leaval is one of the HIGHEST in ANY dry food ... ASH % is not alone the reason for Ph balence but if it is high you can guess the individual minerals are high ... Which in DRY food is NOT Urinary friendly ....

If you have a urinary issue amazingly a food with corn or corn gluten can help acidify the urine .... cranberry powder is also helpful/....

Do you have Urinary issues???

Welcome to TCS
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