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The Bravest Little Boy In The Word

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I hope I am not posting this twice...but I don't think it went here goes again:

Thank all of you who replied to my thread about little 9 year old that just went blind last week.

I had already gone online to several links and the advice was always...don't move anything....which, of course I did not.

Just before I got on the computer....I fed all 16 of my old cats. Caboose finds his way from the living room the kitchen. He waits patiently behind the other cats (hearing them eating from their metal pans) the meantime, decides to find his way to the litter box...near the back of the kitchen. He then finds his way back to the food....has some dinner (very cautiously) and then some water.

When he was finished...I watched him in utter amazement. I was back in the living room watching tv....he found his way to the coffee table...jumped on it and carefully over all the obstacles on the coffee table...reached out carefully and jumped back on the couch where he was next to me. Every time he does this...I am going to give him a kitty treat.

I cannot believe how brave he is....since he has only been without sight for a week now.

I am so proud of this baby cat....and wanted to share it with all of you.


Toomany and Caboose
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**give a standing ovation for little caboose** Hoorah for the brave little kitty!
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Bless his heart! He's not a Caboose... he's the "Little Engine Who Could!"
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Clever boy I hope he continues to do well.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Bless his heart! He's not a Caboose... he's the "Little Engine Who Could!"

He will be just fine, just be there for him and show him you are there. He sounds like just the best little kitty.

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Oh, that is fantastic. It sounds as if he is adjusting very well...Great work brave boy..
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Wow! What a little trooper!

Go, Caboose, go!
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WTG Caboose! You know what this means? Soon you will want to invest in wall padding. My Damita got brave like that & shortly after almost killed herself when she hit a wall. Just be very careful of Caboose being brave. I don't want anyone to go through what I did when Damita hurt herself.
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Good work, Caboose! You're such a brave boy. It's so good to hear that he's adjusting well. Hugs to your boy.
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Go Caboose. Just think how we'd cope in the same situation.
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Yay for Caboose!

I'm so glad he is starting to find his way around. He will be just fine
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Oh, I didn`t see your other post. What a scary thing to have happen!
He is obviously coping really well though.
What a star!
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