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Chicken soup or felidae

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ok so I've decided to either feed Chicken soup for the cat lover's soul or felidae (sorry I can never remember if it is spelled felidae or felidea) does anyone think one is better than the other or recommend one over the other for some reason? I'm trying to pick the perfect food (although almost anythings better than purina cat chow) since I don't want to have to switch again if I don't have to. Thanks for any suggestions!
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I feed Chicken soup and so far i'm very happy with it. I think that there are good foods and bad foods but these two are good ones. So i think whichever one you choose would be fine. What works for one cat may not work for another so see what agrees with your cat best.....just give it time.
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Chicken soup for the price

Felidea for the skin and coat

depends which you are looking for
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I was given a free bag of Chicken Soup Lite sample once and noticed that it had sour milk smell.
I have never bought a full bag, and my sample might have simply been expired.

Maybe it smells good to the kitties though.

Felidae smells yummy. My kitty tried their Kitten & Cat formulas (2 of them).

My kitty loved EVO more, but she would eat Felidae as well without complaining.
I agree with sharky regarding skin and coat.
Both improved with my kitty.
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I'd see if you can get samples--your cats may choose for you. I haven't tried Chicken Soup, but I remember feeding Felidae and Willow being less than thrilled.
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Kittylover- my babies loved evo too but there pooh was so smelly...I think it is a good idea to see if you could get samples..It is okay to change their food as long as you do it gradually, besides who wants to eat the same thing all the time...Try them both...Wellness also put out a new one...My kitties top three favorites Evo, Wellness, and Felidae...(Minnie's mouth is watering as he is missing his kibble....just switched to raw)
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Mine ate the sample of the Felidae Chicken and Rice but wouldn't touch it when i bought a whole bag of it. In retrospect i remember that there was a strange odor to the Felidae and i think that bag might have been rancid. The Chicken Soup dry they both love.
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We haven't tried the Chicken Soup.

I had samples of Felidae Cat/Kitten dry and Felidae Platinum dry.

Funny, they growled and fought over the Platinum, which I think is a "lite" formula, but were less enthused about the regular cat/kitten formula. Strange kitties, I guess.
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I’ve fed and liked both foods, but we ended up having to go back to Felidae because several of my cats’ stools were loose and horribly smelly on Chicken Soup. (I think it was the level of fiber since their stools were normal on the Chicken Soup Light Formula). One of my sister’s cats ran into the same problem mine did with the bad stools, but I think like many foods it just might vary on what the individual cats do well on.

Had my cats not had the stool issue I might have stayed with the CS since I can find it locally, the price is decent and they all seemed to like it.Then again, if Felidae had been available locally I never would have switched in the first place.
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I love Felidae. I have 24 cats and last month switched from Purina to Felidae. I drive 30 miles to pick it up once or twice a month. The cats love it. I love the fact it has 4 food grade meats and no perservatives. They absolutely love it. Their coats are silky and their stools do not lhave much odor. I feed the regular variety. Last week I bought one bag of the chicken rice variety of Felidae and they don't like it as well. The Felidae is a dark food and smells very rich. I think you would like it.
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I switched my cats over to Felidae and they all really love it. Although I'm having issues getting it (the only store that carries in my city it can't seem to get it delivered on time), all my cats really enjoy it. Plus it happens to be the cheapest premium brand I can find. I feed both wet and dry, but I only feed the Chicken and Rice since my kitties bellies don't seem to agree all that well with the 4 meats found in the regular Felidae. Plus my kitties coats are looking better and better, and they're oh-so-soft
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I fed chicken soup for awhile before going back to Natural balance. I do like CS and the cats loved it. For your information the makers of CS make a nearly identical food called Premium Edge. It's 18# and cheaper than CS.
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Originally Posted by fluffysimba View Post
I fed chicken soup for awhile before going back to Natural balance. I do like CS and the cats loved it. For your information the makers of CS make a nearly identical food called Premium Edge. It's 18# and cheaper than CS.
Diamond makes Chicken soup and Premium edge???
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