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Hi there,
I am curious if anybody's cat has experienced diarrhea with hairballs. My longhair male cat hacked up a HUGE hairball this morning (actually two) and has been experiencing diarrhea for the past 24 hours. He seems a little unhappy right now and was wandering around the house for about 20 minutes mewing, in a concerned type of cry.

I vaguely remember this happening to him about a year ago and it resolved after a day or two. I just leave for Japan soon and don't want to trouble my room mates with a sick cat.

Thanks in advance.
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if the diarrhea goes on for more than four days, I would bring him to the vet. There can be so many causes for diarrhea. But it is possible that he is trying to pass some of the hair and that may be a cause.. but its merely stipulation. Especially if you will be leaving soon, you should have him checked out, that way, while your gone, you can rest assure that he has no medical issues. If it is just the hairballs, you could give him some lax to try and help him pass it easier, then the stools should return to normal consistency. Good luck
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