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I am back and I bring fur!

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Yes, after a very exhausting trip I am finally back home. And with me, I bring the sweetest Russian Blue that one could ever meet. Her name is Nakita Blue and she is 4 months old.

Even though she is small, she is becoming quite the little "Miss Attitude"! Also, I should probably rename her Xena Warrier Princess since she is determined to "kill" every inanimate object that crosses her path. This includes the immortal dreaded black shoelace.

She is also quite the shoulder rider! She is totally adorable and quite the character. I could go on and on, but I just wanted to share some my "fur" joy with the rest of you.

Also, my home renovations will be complete at the end of this weekend. So now I don't have to worry about Nakita accidently being plastered behind some wall!

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Another picture.......watch out Tina Turner!
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Aaawwww... so sweet! What a cutie-pie!

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How cute! Best of luck with her and please post more pics! :tounge2:
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Kassandra Maaaaaattttteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! She is truly beautiful (sigh) Oh I am sooooooo happy for you. I was getting fidgety and couldn't handle the wait and now she is here Woo Hoo!!!!!! This is so fantastic buddy. What a princess, what a doll, what style, what grace Ahhhhhh!!!! Oops! Sorry about that, I got kinda carried away. I love her and I am so happy you have her now. It's less than 2 weeks before mine comes home (but who's counting) Thank you for the pictures, please send more to help me with the wait.

Love and Hugs
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She is so beautiful, so dainty and so brave to take on the dreaded black shoe lace. You will never have to worry about that shoe lace again. Nakita will keep you safe.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy
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Nakita Blue is beeeeaauuuutiful!

sigh. . .I remember when our Russian was a wee bitty kitty like that. She's 11 years old now.

From Nakita's pic it looks like she already has beautiful emerald eyes. . .sometimes the green doesn't come in til later, but she's got the green now. . .sigh. . .she will entrance, entertain & enthrall you for many years to come!
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I'm new to the group, thanks to Bundylee
Yep...another mad aussie...hehe
Awwwww...Nakita is a real cutey!!
I have a russian blue as well. His name is Orion and he's 9 months old now.
Soon we will be getting a new kitten as his playmate. The new one is a russian black.
Thanks for posting those gorgeous pictures. Look forward to seeing many more
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She is beautiful! Start thinking about loafers because I don't think that your shoelaces will last long!
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Thanks for welcoming my new "fur" to the family.

And Bundylee, don't hold back, how come your not excited about my furbaby???? :tounge2: And where do you get those new animated faces that are part of your message?

Maui - The eyes are mostly green, but in certain lights you still see the blue. They are still changing.

Purringpanther - A Russian Black? That's a new one for me, I'm not sure if there are any Russain Black breeders in Canada.
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Ohhhhhhhhh your Blue is Beautiful......!!!!!!

I want another kitten!
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Nakita is so beautiful!!! With all these Blues showing up on the site, I'm thinking of adding it to my kitten wish-list.

Sounds like she is taking her protector role quite seriously. At least you know you won't be attacked in the middle of the night, well at least not by black shoelaces.

She's a real doll. Please, please, please share more pics of her with us, and yes we do want all the details of the cute little things she does.
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Not sure about breeders for blacks over there.
I think the alternate colours have been mainly developed over here in Australia/NZ.
If you want to see what they look like then check out these 2 pages:

the two new kittens

general info and a picture at bottom of page
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Awweee!! Shes just gorgeous!!
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She is just beautiful!!!!!!
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