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Please help my paranoia

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Not like me at all!! Tiger keeps having an occasional day of limping on her back left leg - she went to the vets about it in Dec (I was up anyway), and the vet found nothing wrong, so the next couple of times i have just monitored it, and it goes after a day. She has started limping again tonight, I am going to have to have a word with the vet about it, but it is the same leg we had probs with on Pebbles, and she had issues for over a year before the major issues that resulted in the amputation, as we knew she had an injury so put it down to that, so while part of me thinks that as Tiger will be 14 this year, it will just be something simple like arthritis, part of me wants to ring the vets and have her x-rayed etc in case it ends up similar to Pebbles. Can someone please talk some sense into me?
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it sounds to me as if she has has a bit of arthritis, but if you can afford an x-ray why not have one to put your mind at rest and if she has arthritis you will know what you are dealing with you can do things like get her a heated pad to sit on, I'm sure she would like that anyway
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I can see why you're worrying It's one of those things that certainly sticks with you)

Although slightly different, Alice (my Auntie's dog) had the same symptoms which after months of tests and appointments did turn out to be 'simply' () arthritis.

I would think that giving some Cystaid for a week or so (with your vet's consent) might be worth a try before getting overly concerned (You know what cooler and uppey-downey weather does to us!)

Sending many Good }}}VIBES{{{ to you both
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I could afford the x-ray no prob (she is insured), so will have a chat with the vet when I am there tomorrow and see what she thinks. Sar, I would prob use Metacam rather than Cystaid - Tiger isn't the easiest cat to deal with, so trying to get the tablet down her wouldnt' be fun - worming was hard enough!!
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Hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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Good luck at the vet. please let us know what you find out.
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Spoke to the vet on Thurs, and as her recent blood tests showed nothing nasty, she thinks I should just give her Metacam for a week - I am only going to do it when she is limping though, I dont want to give it her when she doesn't need it, cos there can be side effects to it.
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I hope Tiger responds well to the metacam! Poor kitty!
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WEll, I have been giving her one drop of Metacam a day this week, it hasn't made much difference and she has been limping every day, rather than just the occasional limp she had before, so will put her up to 2, and if that makes no difference, she will have to see the vet next week.
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WEll, Tiger is still limping, and it has gone from limping for a couple of days then stopping to being pretty much constant - Metacam doesnt' seem to have done anything for her, so we are off to the vets tomorrow afternoon, will see what the vet says, and whether she will pander to me with the x-ray. HEr fur is looking a bit yucky, hopefully that is just cos she is moulting a lot but hates being brushed, and she is looking a bit thin at the back end, but hopefully that is due to the senior food and nothing more!!
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Well, not quite the kind of vet visit I wanted - I got the X Ray I wanted though, but not quite for a good reason. Her knee is going out of joint too much (might be the wrong wording), so the vet thinks that she has damaged both the ligaments round that leg - god only knows how. She is going for an x-ray tomorrow, I will know what they show around lunch time. It does cause a few probs though - there is only one vet in the practice I use who can do this kind of surgery, and she is off sick, so she might end up having to be referred, and that would really depend on how far, not only am I a poor driver when it comes to directions, but she is a very poor traveller, she doesnt even like the 5 min journey to the vets, I dread to think how bad she would be with a couple of hours drive!! And there is the fact that she is a very temperamental cat who will attack for little reason, so not sure how well the recovery would be for her. Plus, this is the second leg she has been to the vets with a limp since the end of Dec. Vet was awfully surprised that she was insured though, and was even more surprised when I Said I had both girls (14 and 13) insured for just under £15 a month. I have very mixed feelings at the moment, I am partly annoyed at myself for not taking her sooner, and just assuming that the Metacam needed a bit more time to kick in, I should know by now that while the vet was right in that you dont normally get the same thing happening twice, this is one of my cats, and I do seem to have a knack of ending up with cats that develop slightly unusual health conditions, or at least ones that most people dont tend to see!! And then partly upset because I honestly dont know how we are going to deal with this, vet says we have to wait till the x-ray, but I know it won't stop me worrying. So, this seems to have ended my run of two healthy cats again!! Thank god for insurance!!
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Do you have access to a animal ( ie non human ) accupucturist??
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Oh no! Sorry your and Tigger are having a tough time of it. Got my fingers crossed
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Not sure Sharky, never heard of one, but doesn't mean there isn't one - but not sure how that could help a cat with two suspected ruptured ligaments?
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WEll, she was a nightmare to x-ray, as the highest dose of sedative had no effect on her whatsoever, so she needed a slight anaesthetic as well!! The x-rays however show nothing whatsoever that could be causing her to limp - but she wasn't limping this morning, so maybe whatever the prob was has just sorted itself out?? Vet has said to keep her on MEtacam for another week or so and see what happens. i get to pick her up in a couple of hours.
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