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What's your favorite vacation spot?

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I love to travel, but before I was married unfortunelty didn't get to do much of it. My favorite place to visit is Florida. I live in Maine and winters here are cold, so I love going to Florida in the winter! It is so nice!!! I have been now only twice. For our one year anniversary we will be going again! I am so excited. Where do you like to travel?
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Las Vegas, baby!

I love to go horseback riding in Red Rock Canyon, rent a convertible and drive over the Hoover Dam into AZ, just for the heck of it, rent a Harley and just ride around, hang out with a long-time friend that lives there, and, of course, play blackjack at Binion's.
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I've been to Key-west twice on cruises and I loved it both times. I want to go there and just visit that one spot for a week or two so bad! That would be just awesome!
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A place we discovered on my birthday a few weeks ago. It's a holiday park with carravans and unnits but it's so clean and it's just been taken over by a new family so things have been fixed up and it's so quiet. It has a pool (which i took advantage of every day) a bbq area, clean garden with tonnes of roses. And the office has tonnes of dvds which you can just grab and watch free of charge. Our cabin was the newest, only a year old. Had a queen bed, new appliances new everything. I want to go back!!!!!!!!
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I like to go to Branson mo
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I love going to Europe when I get a chance...and Germany in particular when visiting relatives!
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I'm torn between the canyonlands of northern Arizona / Utah and Puerto Vallarta. The canyons for hiking and getting away from the crowds. PV for just doing nothing but sipping cold ones on the beach all day long.
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My fave vacation spot so far is Kauai, Hawaii--I can't imagine a more beautiful place on this earth! Kauai is far less commercialized than the other Hawaiian islands--so you can actually enjoy the natural beauty.
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I love Key West. DH would say Vegas! Anywhere that is warm, has a pool & tons of alcohol.....oh and privacy
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Hmmmm....vacation.....that's an interesting concept. I use my vacation time from work to go to Ohio for a week every August for the National Rifle Matches. While I LOVE it, I don't think I would recommend going to Ohio, right off Lake Erie, in August. But Cedar Point rocks!!

Other than that, I haven't been on a real vacation since the family vacations when I was a kid.
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Bora Bora for pure relaxation.
Disney for unbridled fun and laughter.
Caravaning through Europe for when I'm homesick.
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Anywhere new.
I've been to a bunch of countries, a bunch of states and love them all.

Chicago is great for the weekend getaway (or Northern Michigan)

Maine is great for summer vacation!

CA is great anytime of year

England - awesome!

Continental Europe - Cool

Colorado - inexpensive vacation (stay with a relative)

Wow...I could go on and on...
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Florida Keys - might do that again for my 50th

I enjoyed Las Vegas, New Orleans was such fun, New York - ummm could do New York then down to The Keys for my 50th

We love city breaks and we do one every year with our good friends, this year Berlin

ps. Thats Berlin Germany, not the Berlin in US - bit far for a long weekend
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What's a vacation???
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I have never been anywhere, so I don't know
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Va--ca--ti--on--? What's that?

I haven't been on vacation in 12 years. I work on contract, no workies = no money. I need a VACATION!
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Cou'er De Lane, Idaho. They have an awesome theme park and an awesome beach. I have been there 3 times and hope to go back again, the scenery is gorgeous.
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Italy is wonderful! Especially Sicily
I love Wales .... I need to go back there one of these days!
In Canada, I love going to British Columbia and Quebec City and The Maritimes. And anywhere else.
In the US, usually New York state or New York City. We also like to go through New Hampshire and Vermont and Maine. I've never been to Florida or down that way. I also like Washington State.
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My favorite place to go on vacation is Fort Myers, FL. My family owns a vacation home there, and I've been going at leason once a year since I was a kid. I absolutely love it.
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