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I did something bad

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I was done watching The View on TV this morning and was taking my wine glass (I drink sparkling water in them) upstairs when I stumbled on the 3rd from the top step. In an effort to save the glass from breaking I must have tensed all the muscles on the left side of my body. My neck, shoulder, armpit,ribs butt and behind my knee hurt-with neck the worst so far. I slammed down some advil but really could use a muscle relaxant now (wine will have to do). I think I will have to sit in whirlpool bathtub today for sure. I started my neck exercises as I think I'm gonna be in some major pain!!
I am such the klutz (and I'm throwing away those slippers too!!
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Oh no, Gail, I hope you feel better very soon!
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Ooh no!! I hope you heal up soon
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I am glad you didn't go tumbling down the steps!! Hope you feel better soon!
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Well since I am painting in that area there is not stair rail attached right now!!
I have stumbled with this slippers so much (they are slip ons) I should have tossed them already!! The advil is kicking in though!!
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Hope you feel better soon
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I wish I had enough points in the bank to send you a bottle of wine or a hug, but this'll have to do . Feel better soon and don't get too down on yourself- we ALL have our clutzy moments. Thank goodness you have a whirlpool tub to help soak some of the pain away!
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aw you should just drink out of those cheap wine glasses from ikea, atleast when they break you wont feel bad....
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Ouch! I hope you get to feeling better real soon!
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Gail - if you don't feel any better, please go and see the doctor!!! I hope you are okay!
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Muscle relaxing <<vibes>> heading your way..
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Don't apply heat to a fresh injury. Use ice packs to the affected areas. Heat will only make it worse at this point. You only use heat for chronic injuries like arthritis.
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