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Still struggling with URI

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Hi All - I posted about this over a week ago. My poor baby is still dealing with this UTI. It has been nearly 3 weeks now and I keep hoping this second round of antibiotics will clear it up. Does it generally take this long? He was on Clavamox initially which made him sick; so then he was switched to Zeniquin. He has 2 more days left of the Zeniquin and then he is finished. His symptoms go back and forth. He was doing really well for the past 4 days and then last night again he seemed irritated and jumping in and out of the litter box like he was trying to go. The strange thing is he continues to urinate on a regular basis. I know he isn't blocked, because throughout this whole thing he has always urinated. He is now out of the anti-inflammatory the vet gave me so I'm a little concerned if he becomes uncomfortable again I won't have anything to give him.

I did notice something and I'm wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this. He is a male cat. Prior to getting this UTI he was always very consistent with the amount/shape which he would urinate. I'll try to explain this... he would urinate a perfect round golf ball size amount. He has always been this way since I've had him. Now... even though he is urinating, the shape is not perfectly round, and juts off to one side or the other; kind of jagged. If that makes any sense. Almost like a straw that is partially blocked. That's the only way I can describe it. Just wondering if this is normal while he recovers, or maybe he's not getting better. I don't know... I'm going to finish out the antibiotics this week and see how he does. This morning he was back to his old self, but he tends to go back and forth.
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Does the cat have crystals??? or just a uti???

what is the cat eating?>??

I would suggest either calling the vet about the new "peeing " or maybe get a second opnion
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i'm no vet, but maybe his urethra is partially blocked? definitely tell the vet about the peeing thing. also perhaps it's time for another urinalysis? sorry your kitty is having such a hard time.
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He eats the Prescription IVD Green Pea and Duck. I asked the vet about switching foods and she said it wasn't necessary since this is his first UTI. I think I am going to take him back for another urinalysis when he finishes his antibiotics. The vet said it was a mild UTI that he had and that there were no crystals and no stones. They did an x-ray along with a urinalysis.

I'm just happy when he has a good night. I hate to see him uncomfortable. Last night he was really good and this morning he was good also. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the input/suggestions. This board is great!
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