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Dear Sandie,
I know eating is cool!!!! LOL One meal days are over and it's a symphony in my ears

Talk to ya soon,
God Bless All,
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What a fascinating thread! I'm still keeping to my diet, but I did have 2 pieces of cake last evening when we were having guests...

I don't go to weight watchers though I might start at some point soon. For now I just follow the dietician's plan which includes an hour's walk everyday (ok.... I walk for half an hour everyday ... - but that's something too isn't it?)

Here's the plan I'm following:

Breakfast: 2 slices of low-cal bread + two spoonfulls of low-cal cheese (5% fat) or a small bowl of cornflakes + a third of a glass of milk.

between breakfast and lunch: 1 portion of fruit

Lunch: vegetable soup + grilled chicken breast (or another non-fried portion of meat) + 2 small potatoes or half a glass of cooked rice or pasta + steamed vegetables + salad (with one teaspoon olive oil).

between lunch and supper: 1 non-fat yogurt + 1 portion of fruit

Supper: 2 slices of low-cal bread + a boiled egg or 2 spoons of tuna fish in water or two spoons of hummus + 4 spoons of low-fat cheese + salad + 7 olives or 1/3 avocado

post supper: 1 portion of fruit + 2 cups of oil-free popcorn

That's it. It's not a very strict plan and has some fat in it but that's because we're trying for a baby again and she said I can't go into a crash or semi-crash diet.

I think sharing low-cal recipes is a great idea! I don't have many and sure could use some...
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Deb25..I dont know about the bike...they tend to make my toosh numb...what the heck is an air walker??
As with the pills, I have found all of them to be a way for people to make money. I have tried them all at some point. Weight watchers, herbalife, slim fast. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to pay someone for something I can do myself. All it takes is knowledge on what to eat, exercise and will power. All the weight watchers in the world is not going to work unless you are really serious about the whole process. I know exactly what I should be doing, yet it never happens 100%.
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I never go to the WW meetings... they're WAY too expensive. My mom joined intially for me and gave me the materials and said "It's all yours." I just read the books and found out what I have to do... I've never attended a meeting in my life. I think the only thing the meetings are good for is moral support, which you can get anywhere else (here, for example, or in the WW chatroom, or family, friends... etc)... I like WW because it is so flexible, and you make the choice. If you want to have chocolate all day, as long as you don't exceed your points, knock yourself out. Of course, this isn't RECOMMENDED, but you can do it.

Then again, I've known a lot of people who have lost weight simply by cutting the bad foods out and putting the good foods in (my parents, for example). Some people need a more structured plan, however (me, for example) and I've found WW to be the best of them.
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I am one week into my diet and still at it. So far I have lost 5 pounds!

So far so good!
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Congradulations on your weight loss!!!

Way to go :flash:
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Anne; Hang in there, Baby!!!! It does get easier as your routine gets set.....CONGRATULATIONS. . . .
Success is a series of little victories TLK
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Congrats!! As I sit here eating Pepperidge farm Verona cookies!! They are moving to my thighs..I feel it now!
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Anne sounds like you are doing okay on your diet.....You go Girl

If you want any low fat (or virtually fat free) meals I have absolutly loads of them,and I tell you what they taste yummmmmm.

Let meknow if you would like me to post them here or to e-mail them to you.

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I'm still at it though today I missed my morning walk slept in instead...

I hope to do some walking later on. We let the dog out into the yard and the neighbor's dog comes here to play with her. They race along the yard (it's a large one) so I can get away without walking her.

I got a pot full of brocolli for today. I could use some potato recipes - are there any good low-cal ones? Any other recipes for my diet are welcome! Thanks again!
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right there is potato au gratan......

sliced potatoes - not too think but not to fat, layed onto a grease proof baking tray, put a few sliced onions with them. a little bit of veg/chicken stock seasoning and some mixed herbs braise them in the oven until they are soft - should take about 30 minutes (well it takes 30 minutes in my oven) then put some low fat crated cheese on top, put them back in the oven until cheese is melted.

you can make mashed potato but instead of using the butter and milk use low fat yoghurt.

what I love about potato is that you can have loads of different fillings in baked jacket potato.

I have so many Anne I will have to write them all down and send them to you in an e-mail otherwise this thread will be soooooooo long.
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Well done Anne.

Keep it up.
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I would LOVE those recipes. I'm always looking for something new to try.

ccc@aircompetition.com is my email.

thanks so much! :flash:
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Airprincess.....I actually trained at college to be a chef so are there any specific foods that you like or any dishes you would like or do you want just some fat free dishes or would you like regular ones as well. The spectrum is sooooooo broard
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some easy, low fat recipes would be great. I really like chicken & turkey, as well as beef and pork. I'm not a seafood person at all. side dishes would be wonderful as well. I really liked the au gratin potatoes recipe that you posted before.

also on my quest to be a more well rounded person I'm trying to brush up on my cooking skills and could just use some great, easy dishes that will taste like they took a lot of work, but in reality didn't. those don't have to be low fat, I just want to dazzle if I have a dinner party.

dessert recipes would be appreciated as well!

ok now I feel bad for asking for so much

thanks again!
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OK, great who said anything about recipes???
Cooking is kind of hobby for me and especially low fat or healthy recipes. I need to lose some weight (omg i think i've heard this more than once ) and that is why i'd appreciate if you share your favourite recipes. I can offer Bulgarian cuisine (ha ha exotic, isn't it) and many more.
You are a great lot, you know, not only do you love cats but you also love cooking. Oh, I feel sooo at home here and love you all!!!
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Tip for any and all of us looking to cook low fat: Apple sauce can be substituted for vegetable oil in most cake mixes or pancake mix etc. It supplies the moistness without the fat. I have found that sometimes it takes a little more applesauce. A formula that works for me is for instance if a mix calls for 3TBSP. of oil I substitute 4 1/2 TBSP. of applesause. ( don't know how to refer to it rationally, but it is like 1/2 again as much. Also, a very good, low fat, coffee cake type dessert: Any box of white or yellow cake mixed with one 1lb. can of sliced peaches (no eggs, milk or oil) Just stir dry mix and peaches with the juice from the can and bake in a 350 degree oven until brown around the edges. (The toothpic stick test will not work, as the cake will remain moist in center due to peaches)
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We don't use apple sauce here. Is it like mashed apples or is it a liquid?

Billie - I'd love some Bulgarian recipes! I'll give you an easy Tunisian one too (practically zero calories):


thinly sliced carrots
green pepper cut into stripes
Zuchinni (sp?) also cut into stripes
Lots of fresh lemons

This one is so easy and very tasty. Simply mix everything togther. The quantity of the vegetables can change according to which ones you like best and have available. Then squeeze the lemons on top of everything (about 2 medium size lemoms per a medium size bawl) and thinly slice the lemons (with the peel) and add in. Add lots of salt (not good for people with high blood pressure). Mix well and let it stand together for a couple of hours so the lemon joice and salt gets into the vegetables.

It has a strong flavor so it's used as a side dish. I wonder if you will find it tasty? It's a North African dish and their food is quite spicy. My grandfather is Tunisian and he makes this all the time. You can't have a plate of Couscous without it !
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Applesause, Anne, is like cooked apples and then smashed thru a sieve. We can buy them tinned or in jars, but if you cook peeled apples and put them in a food processor (catch them before they are totally liquid) that would be applesuce.
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Ok so I just read this thread for the first time and I know how both sides feel! I am 5' 3/4" (short) I currently weight about 120lbs not too bad but I could lose 10lbs and I would feel better!
In high school I weighed 92lbs soaking wet (just thinking about it makes me sick!) Then I got married at 19, pregnant at 19, and divorced at 21! Now here is where I will show you the wieght difference! Married but before pregnant 92lbs. Pregnant full term 107lbs. After my sons birth 82lbs! My divorce 78lbs! Ok now here is the other end! 6 monthes after the divorce I went to the hospital due to sever pain in my stomach. At that time I had gone from 78lbs to 110lbs in 2 months! I had tumors in my abdomen! Drug therapy and 6 surgeries later I weighed 196lbs! I was huge! I had almost trippled my weight in less then 1 year! What was even harder for me to deal with is my active life got to the point where I was so tired and I hurt! If I walked even 5 minutes I lost my breath! My eating habits have never been bad but all the medicine turned me into the GOODYEAR BLIMP! Once my medical problem was fixed I basically starved myself because I felt so ugly! I lost 30lbs but was weak! A good friend noticed what was going on and stayed with me and my son to help me get better and to motivate me to eat right and move around!
This was the lowest point in my life! When I got down to 150lbs I made the biggest change in my life! I went and got a job that required my to work hard physically! It worked! Up until 1 year ago when I injured my neck on the job!

Ok, so my story was long! I really do know how both sides feel!
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