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I need to lose weight!

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And a lot of it too!

I went to see a dietician (sp?) this morning and as of today I am officially on a diet! Yuks! I have a very sweet tooth and I don't know what I'll do without the forbidden stuff...

My height is 5'11 and I weigh 222 pounds... Far too much. Especially when you consider that only 4 years ago I weighed 134 pounds. So enough is enough and I'm going on a diet!

Anyone else here trying to lose weight? I thought we might start this as a weight watchers support thread if anyone else is interested!
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i saw your photograph in the Pictures thread, and you looked great to me, very beautiful

and if you're 5'11 (which is pretty tall!) and just over 200 pounds,
you probaly dont need to lose much weight at all, it seems
right that your weight should be proportionate(sp?) to your height - unless it's a health issue?

in your photo i thought you looked great - i already said that didnt i ?!

i'm here to support you and anyone else with any inclinations to lose weight,
although i dont need to lose weight, i do need to start excercising - i cant even
walk up stairs, or a slightly steep hill without losing my breath

- i was just thinking about you, wondering how you were

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I have been struggeling with my weight all my life. I am only 5'5" and at one point almost hit 300lbs. I really don't have a problem with food or sweets, but my metabolism is slow and I just dont have the extra time to get to the gym. Right now I am trying those metabolite pills to give my system a kick. I need to take off about 20lbs right now.
Ack...it is hard!!
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Anne good luck. I am not sure how much I weigh in pounds only kg and that I have picked up 20 kg in the last year that I also want to loose. I have just bought a mountain bike in the hopes that that will help as I find it impossible to diet. Hopefully I will be able to cycle to work in the summer. It is 6 miles though so I am doubtfull.

So we will try together.

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oh the on going struggle!

i am never happy with myself but completly lack the willpower to change it
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Anne and all of us who struggle; I am 6'4" and have lost the same 50 extra lbs. over and over all my life. Right now I am just at 230 and would like to weigh 180. I carry my weight in my butt and thighs and since the onset of degenerative arthritis in the last 10 yrs. exercise is very hard for me. Recently I discovered Greer Childers Body Flex system that focuses on three main principles. In order to loose weight and/or burn fat three things must be present. . . . .You have to drink water. 60% of every spent fat cell is water and the only thing that flushes water from our system is water taken in. I know it sounds stupid, but it is true.
Secondly, you have to learn to breathe. Most all of us just breathe to get by, but we have to learn to take in the most oxygen possible because oxygen is the fuel that aids in fat burning. Thirdly, eliminate sugar and most of the things that turn into sugars in our body (complex carbhydrates) Sugar produces insulin and insulin has to be present for the body to store fat. I have Greers 3 tape set and it explains the proper breathing exercises and gives a workout for those of us who can barely exercise (but need to breathe aerobically) to the medium level and finally an advanced, but not exhausting routine. I started this just after Christmas and I still do only the beginning workout and breathing routine. When I started I weighed 256 not a miracle weight loss, but 26 lbs in 2 1/2 months is not bad and I have better energy and I have not starved myself (I do cheat occasionally----only human) Anyway, if you promise not to tell the authorities I will copy these tapes and send them to you if you are interested. I think the whole of the three tapes would fit on one 6hr. VHS. E-mail me if you want it I am glad to do it for you. TLK
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It is bad at the other end of the weight scale as well. I am very thin, on the borderline of anorexic and I can tell you, it isnt that nice. I have often been bullied at school because of my lack of weight and I have been quite unhappy with it. I would love to gain a little weight, I am so boney . You can literally see my ribs clearly even when I am breathing out. I have had a lot of difficulty with it but I am coping. I would love to gain some weight but I can never seem to be able to. I eat as much as the next 14 year old boy and yet I never seem to put on weight. Ah well, such is life.
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Sandie....I am trying those metabolife pills too! (or metabolite, whatever they are called) I hope they work!!!

Anne....I am 5'3, and I have lost 16 pounds since January, but I still have another 20 to go. It stinks.
I love to eat...but I know I have to get out of these jogging pants and into some "real" clothes pretty soon....
So, I want to lose 20 more pounds, to be at my ideal weight.
I have always had a problem with my weight, I have to watch it so carefully.
I hate people who can eat whatever they want.

I hope we can all lose the weight we want to.

Good thread!!!!!!!
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Oh boy, me too! I think I have lost and gained three people in my lifetime. We had a baby shower here Sunday and hubby took lots of video with his new digital toy. Of course, I had to "view" them this evening and I was disgusted with the images of my self. Hope I can get motivated to diet, too.
Neil, understand your frustration, too. It's too bad we can't work out some kind of a "Fat Swap". I know we would all be fighting to give you ours
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Well, I could join the "wish I weighed less" club. I have been thin my whole life (yes, Debby, one of those eat whatever I want people). About 5 years ago my metabolism crashed, and it's been downhill (or rather uphill?) ever since. I admit to being lazy, but I am on my feet all day at work, so I don't feel much like working out in the evening. Tried the Metobolife thing. Did nothing for me. Maybe I'll get motivated in the new house to at least start walking again. Midlife sucks, at least metabolism-wise.
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Neil, understand your frustration, too. It's too bad we can't work out some kind of a "Fat Swap". I know we would all be fighting to give you ours
lol Yea well....
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I HATE diets......my weight is up and down like a yo-yo I am 5ft6 and 3/4 inches (yep the 3/4 inches nearly make another inch) and I weight in at about 75KGS (no idea what that is in lbs) I can lose weight real easily and I can gain real easily. When I was at school I was into all kinds of sport - I was a swimmer and a sprinter I have been an avid horse rider since I was 5 years old so I will by no stretch of the imagination be 'skinny'

I am currently on a keep fit and healthy eating plan, I go to the gym 3 times per week where I do about 4 minutes on weights not too heavy but I do lots of repatitions (sp?) then the other 3 times a week I do 40 minutes of cardio which could be biking, brisk walking, jogging, step or an aerobics class ( I choose biking at the gym so I can read a book). Then I go horse riding for 8 hours over the weekend.

I am not eating less food but I am eating really really healthily. I eat steamed veg and pasta with fat free sauces. I even made a fat free chicken curry the other night it tasted great.

For snacks I either have some sliced carrots and cucumbers or I eat dried fruit like rasins or my fav are apricots. I also take metabolisers (sp?) 30 m inutes before I eat my food and I am (as well as my family and freinds) are seeing a major weight loss.

I do have a few bad days - but it is okay. I am also drinking loads of water and no coffee (Caffine is a major help in producing cellulite) no fizzy drinks and hardly and tea. In 2 months I have lost 8KGS - which really does not sound like a lot but it is really I am feeling better in myself and my clothes are all too big. I was a little dissapointed that the weight I was losing was not coming of faster but I was told by the gym instructor that if I lose weight quickly then the chances are that it will come back, if I lose weight slower then it is more likely not to come back.

Poeple say that they are too busy to go to the gym....I thought that but I made time - that is all it takes. I wake up now at 6.30am instead of 8am and I go to the gym for an hour before work. it just takes planning.

I wish everyone all the luck on weight loss I know how difficult and depressing and frustrating it can get .......Keep smiling
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I want to loose 40 pounds. I need to be in better shape. Oh, I watch my weight all right: I watch it go up and up. And I watch what I eat, too: "Ramen again tonight" is my involuntary motto; that, or "Macaroni and cheese again tonight." I bought a bicycle a few years ago, but no matter how many times I looked at it from the couch I never lost any weight nor improved my fitness.

Science is funny. I don't eat much at all, maybe one full meal every other day. So where does the weight come from? Do I eat in my sleep; and if so, how and where do I get the food? I used to be skinny, but now I'm a big fat slob.

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I am 5'8" and weigh just under 170 lbs. Most of my weight (since I was little) has been storing in my arms, hips, and thighs. (But my upper body is relatively small). Well I want to get rid of my extra weight, so I've tried Metabolite or whatever and pills such as that. Nothing has worked because I didn't drink enough water, exercise, or eat on the right schedule. (Plus, I found out that most of those pills are made of ephedrine which is just a legalized form of speed.)
So I got introduced to the Herbalife program and started that about a month ago. In my first week I lost inches off my waist (where I didn't need to, but I guess you gotta start somewhere) and 1 pound. The next week I lost more inches in my arms, thighs, and again in my waist, as well as losing 2 more pounds. After my third week I stopped because it was interfering with my birth control (which I getting off of at the time).
Now, I am on my second week on the program, haven't taken measurements yet, but feel better again. I'm doing a 21 day cleanse and drinking aloe to help repair my colon (I have IBS), and the program itself is really structured, which is what I needed to help avoid eating so much food and the wrong foods at that!
The program includes taking a breakfast shake along with some pills called cell activators which help to absorb the nutrients into your cells faster, then a snack and different pills at 1000am (salad, piece of fruit, protein bar, etc), then another shake and pills for lunch, then another snack and pills at 200pm or 300pm, and then a healthy dinner with pills, consisting of one vege, meat, and carbohydrate.
I like this program a lot! IT cuts down on how much groceries I spend on as well as curbs my appetite by dinner so I'm not interested in eating junk and sweets as much. I have more energy and can feel it working. Plus, it's all HERBAL and approved by the FDA, which, pills such as Zenadrine are not!
Anyway, if anyone wants more info., feel free to contact me whenever. I'd be happy to share with you what I know about it.
PS-- I am not an independant distributer trying to sell this to you guys, I just really like what I've seen from it would be more than happy to let you know what it's about!
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Originally posted by Mr. Cat
I bought a bicycle a few years ago, but no matter how many times I looked at it from the couch I never lost any weight nor improved my fitness.
oh, Mr.Cat, you crack me up!
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Since you have been sticking to your diet I thought it only fair that I stick to my guns. So this morning I decided to attempt the 6.3 mile cycle to work.

Well it took 45 minutes and I had to stop 3 times on the nasty hill along the way but it went fine.

I took a route past all the train stations along the way just incase I could not do it but I did. :flash:

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I really enjoyed all the posts here! It's nice to share the struggle!

Well, I'm into my third day now and so far so good, more or less. Yesterday was a national holiday over here (our independence day) and we went visiting relatives in the kibbutz the day before and spend the holiday with them.

They made a great feast in the evening but I got really lucky. Because there was such a qeue at the main dishes (meats, rice, potatoes etc.) and I was too hungry to stand in the line I grabbed a bawl and went straight to the salad bar. I had lots of low-cal salads (lettuce and tomatos without any dressing + a great artichoke salad with no mayo or oil). That was very good because by the time I went to take the main course I was feeling full and could easily go for the grilled chicken breast and skipped all the carbo.

The problem was later on at the party we went to. They served all sorts of sweets and cakes and I just couldn't resist having some

Yesterday was fine too. I sinned a bit at lunch time because we went to an Arab restaurant and I couldn't pass their great homous (sp?). I did however manage to skip the french fries altogether which I consider to be an acheivement!

I walked for 45 minutes every day as well. Having dogs is just great for motivation !
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Good for you Anne!! Everyone deserves a Free day from their diet. What I do is pick one day of the week (say..Friday) and have it as my one free day every week from dieting. I can eat whatever I want to!!

And I'm glad to hear you didn't skip over the hummus! It is, also, one of my faves to eat!

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The trials and errors of losing weight! UGH...
Well, I'll tell ya' Darlene you hit it on the head babe! Nothing comes easy. I've been a bodybuilder for almost 9 years now and I've always watched my food intake. AmandaI'm happy to see that you're at the gym I tell my clients....Nothing should be more important than your health! Without that, we're nothing...we get depressed, because our clothes don't fit, we don't feel good, our hips take up 2 zip codes! I too on my "off season" may put on extra pounds I don't need, but I'm human just like anyone else and when I stop all the junk (i.e BREADS, SUGAR, CORN...even too much fruit!)the pounds disappear. It's really not that many to be concerned with unless I'm doing a competition.

Why live life unhappy, upset the way we look...that's not life! Pills...forget it..the buisness alone makes billions each year because they promise the world and deliver nothing...nothing of true benefit. They oame out with a pill every 6 months...just take a look around? If these people lose weight...they do just that...lose weight..their whole body sags and their butt's sweeping the floor; not very becoming.

So,wrong with exercise? It's awesome! I have my own philosophy:

You must train and make time for everything else!

Do you read books...watch TV...shop for an 1 1/2 hours? All the training would get done in that time frame. Give those things up and you'll have results.
It's not that hard, trust me...you'll find that your body will crave it! Even more than junk! Did you know that you can eat a great meal without putting an ounce within a time frame of 90 minutes right after your workout, eating food fuels the metabolism; you just have to understand when and how to eat; no big secrets...it's a learning process, but it beats being unhappy. It's also a science and a beautiful work of art.

If anyone would like a great program...(you won't look like a bodybuilder I promise...so many women worry about getting huge muscles, that's okay, to each his/her own LOL) I'll help you with a training routine...just email me at bufbod007@aol.com I'll be more than happy to help. Free of charge of course!!! I usually woulnd't take clients that are less than 50lbs overweight...only to show the world the benefits of training...remember this...it won't work unless you work; right? One more thing...if you do decide to train...find a gym, find a trainer...but make sure he/she LOOKS like they know what they're doing...their own body will speak for itself. Sorry for such a long...response. I may not know much about cats...other than I love and am so overwhelmed with them...but this is something I can truly share my knowledge with you.
God Bless To All,
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You know, I would LOVE to go to the gym again. I just cant seem to find anything to cut. I have my 6 year old and finding care just to work is hard. Then by the time I get home and get dinner, cleaning, laundry etc done, it seems about 9 at night. I used to get to the gym 3 times a week. What can you do around the house to help? Oh and Catarina...what is your take on the stairmasters? I would invest in one for the house, but not if it is not going to help me burn the fat.
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I'm 5'1" and I need to lose weight too (sigh!). Mr. Cat you are just TOO funny. Since I had my hysterectomy two years ago I put on about 25 pounds. The bad part about that is the older you get the harder it is to take it off. I have a treadmill in the basement (it used to be a spare closet in my bedroom). Now that the weather is nice I'd like to throw my Sphynx MooShoo in his snug sack and take him for a walk to the park. At least I'll get some walking in. I did Jenny Craig for a while and lost over 30 pounds. I looked great and felt great. But eating the same food week after week got boring real fast. Weight Watchers at least lets you eat regular normal food and makes you account for it. I might try that if I can find the time to get there.
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Thank you so much for offering your expertise to us overweight types! I've not the "cash flow" for either a gymnasium membership or a trainer. I need to loose about 40 pounds, but I don't want to end up with (as you aptly described) my butt sweeping the sidewalk. So, what can I do? Yes, I can take walks. No, I haven't a bicycle anymore. Neither do I have any dust-catching fitness machines nor weight sets. I'm not sure I could afford anything like that. (People on Social Security aren't prime candidates for store credit.)

Of course, there's the diet. I've never been informed sufficiently as to diets and/or menu plans. So, if you have the time, I'd appreciate any and all suggestions as to what I could do to both loose weight and improve my fitness. Thank you; and bless you for your generous and selfless offer of professional advice!

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Joe; I will copy the aerobic breathing workout tape I talked about earlier in this thread if you want it. I have three male friends who just started it. I could wait and let you know what they think of it. Oh, do you have a VCR? E-mail me your home address if you want the tape.
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Originally posted by Sandie
You know, I would LOVE to go to the gym again. I just cant seem to find anything to cut. I have my 6 year old and finding care just to work is hard. Then by the time I get home and get dinner, cleaning, laundry etc done, it seems about 9 at night. I used to get to the gym 3 times a week. What can you do around the house to help? Oh and Catarina...what is your take on the stairmasters? I would invest in one for the house, but not if it is not going to help me burn the fat.
Dear Sandie,

Most gyms provide free child care. If this doesn't seem to help then I would invest in a book I recommend to all of my clients "NOW OR NEVER" (how appropriate..right..lol) This is a fantastic book, written by a woman in her 50's. Muscle tissue is what makes our bodies look tone. Fat is when we look sqeeshy...no one likes fat Anyway, get this book, read it, get 3lb, 5lb & 10 lb weights...after that...let me know when you've absorbed enough to feel comfortable and I'll be more than happy to email you a routine.
Yes, the stairmaster is a great way to lose weight. The best time to use it is in the am...right before breakfast. It'll burn off the rest of the carbohydrates you didn't burn in your sleep and then immediately attack those fat cells! The least amount of time to burn fat is 30 minutes while 45 being the ideal. The key is consistency. Just invest in this book...it's probably $20.00...Dr. Joyce Verdal...she's great! I hope to hear from you soon
God Bless You & HAVE FUN!
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Dear Joe

Hey there...I'm going to email you a great nutritional plan and also various ways to get busy at home! How's that...But, first, I'd like for you to email me and tell me what your diet is like now...how many meals...what you eat...how much...things like that..and don't cheat!!! LOL

I'm sure we can get this all together okay, just trust me. You will get results if you do what I ask of you to do...OKAY? Remember, we didn't get overweight overnight and it'll take some time to take off...just be patient; the key is consistency...OKAY?

I hope to hear from you real soon Joe! Hugs!!! Michela & Tonya too
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I've sent the appropriate messages, via The Cat Site's electronic-mail program. I'm not sure my temporary web-based electronic-mail program is working properly. If you don't receive my communication, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Thank you Catarina. I will look for the book next time we are out. I guess if I started getting up at 330 or 430am I might be able to get to the gym. I am definatley going to talk hubby into the stairmaster now. He used to tell me that it wouldnt do anything for me. It would just increase my leg muscles. I LOVE doing the stair master and I know if I had one, I would hop on in the mornings. I am HORRIBLE with eating. I have had a weight problem all my life. I am down to a reasonable size for my build but need to loose about 15 or 20lbs. I am probably doing the worst thing ever. I dont eat breakfast and I just recently started taking a small yogurt and some peanut butter crackers for lunch. Then I eat a small to med size dinner. Hubby keeps telling me I need to eat more. I never did understand why when I ate only 1 time a day, the lbs wouldnt come off!!
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The move-out lady left some 3 and 5 lb. weights, as well as some ankle weights, a stationary bike, and one of those air walkers. Should I save them for you?
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originally posted by Catarina77777
Hey there...I'm going to email you a great nutritional plan and also various ways to get busy at home!

would you do the same for me? my diet needs to change, i
cannot make it through the day without fatigue and strains
in my muscles, even a walk wears me out, and i worry i am
not eating right

any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I've been on it since November, and have lost almost 25 lbs. I know I should have lost a lot more than that, but well.. I've been pretty bad the last few months. I'm trying to get back into the swing of it.

When I'm actually ON the diet, it works wonders for me. I can eat whatever I want as long as I count it. And I too do an "off day" where I eat whatever I want. It TRULY does help! If I'm craving a Kit Kat or something, I just say to myself, "Saturday.. Saturday... Saturday..." heh heh.

If you guys want to, we could share some of our healthy recipes here. I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with some new recipes, and eating the same thing week in and week out is getting tiring.
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