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Need Advice please

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hi everyone,

I have two kittens both are 3-4 months old. Well one of them has started shaking today, not violently or anything just more of a slight tremble. This worries me greatly because it was almost constant for over and hour and has been on and off all day. I want to get her to the vet ASAP but my husband is telling me to wait a week or 2, that it is probably just a cold because it has been so cold lately. She has never been a very big eater so its hard to tell if she has been eating less. I am worried she has feline lukemia or some other disease(we haven't had the money yet to go get both kittens screened), altho she has at least doubled her size in the 2 months we have had her. Does anyone know what would cause a kitten to shake? Can I really afford to wait another week or two? I don't want to make my husband upset by not taking his advice but I also don't want anything to happen to my baby, I would just die. If anyone knows I would be VERY grateful.

Thank you.
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Hi CandyCane and welcome to the forums!

Definitely get your kitten to the vet now! Did she get her vaccinations? If not it could be anything from Panleukopenia (a.k.a feline distemper) to any kind of respiratory infection.

Prompt veterinary treatment is crucial. No matter what she has, if she's not getting enough to drink, she could get dehydrated in no time! If she's running a fever, she needs immediate medical care as well. Don't try giving her any people medicine - just get her to the vet ASAP.

I'd hate to be the one to come between you and your husband... These kittens are so fragile - they're like babies really. If a baby has a cold we take him to the doctor right away - we should do the same for our kitties.

Please tell us how she's doing and what the vet said.
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Please get your kitten to the vet immediately! This could be something as simple as dehydration, to a nerve disorder.
He has to be seen, now!
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