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It's amazing how much cat hair I can find when I clean the dark nooks and crannies that haven't been cleaned for a couple months.

I'm cleaning off the desk (big job, let me tell you, lol) And under one of the speakers was a pile of cat hair and dust that looks to be forming into a dust bunny.

I wonder how much cat hair I inhale on a daily basis.
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aww....dust bunnies the great enemy of the brush
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I vacuumed my apartment on Saturday, after only living in it a week. I was amazed by how much was in there! Blegh!
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
I wonder how much cat hair I inhale on a daily basis.
Well, how much are you coughing up?
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Hmmm, maybe that explains those hairballs.
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I almost coughed up a fur ball the other morning. I am doing a thurough clean tonight after work. Fru tumbleweeds beware!
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I am always embarrassed when I move furniture round to clean and vacuum. I recently swapped all the furniture in my bedroom about and when I had finished vacuuming I had filled my vacuums cylinder. And it was from places the kitties couldn't even get to. I don't know why but my stairs always seem to be very hairy.
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I actually find more dog hair (Apollo, Mia doens't shed, with what hair she DOEs have, LOL)

Apollo sheds enough fur another dog in under a month.
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I have no carpet so I get the cat tumbleweeds...DH asks when we got the extra cats ha ha ha....the hair just floats funny. My shop vac broke too so I have to sweep, but that a lot of the times feels like all I'm doing is cause drafts to send the hair into places unknown til a later date.
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Hahaha, I know that too.

We have both carpet and non-carpeted flooring. I don't even want to know how much is hiding underneath the fridge and stove.
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It's gotten so bad here that I've started naming some of the tumbleweeds! We've had Harry (of course), Stan, Margaret, Gertrude...of course, I vacuum and within 3 days we have Harry Jr, Stan get the idea. Its a losing battle!

I've always wondered though, how all the hair gets into a little ball. How do they know where their friends are? These are the questions that keep me awake at night.
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