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Cats and Hardwood Floors

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Do any of y'all have hardwood floors? How do your cats do with them? Do you see them sleeping directly on the floor or do they prefer areas with rugs/carpet?
The reason I'm asking is that our new house is entirely hardwood floors with the exception of carpet in the master bedroom and tile in the kitchen. The Drama Queens are not used to hardwood floors and (Bradley laughs about this) I'm worried that the floor may be too cold under their paws (sounds silly, but I worry about this stuff)! Any tips/advice on cats living with hardwood floors?
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I'm picturing playing cats sliding across the floor!
Depending on the weather some cats love a nice cool smooth surface to lay on. This is one reason why cats get up on our tables, counter tops, or sleep in sinks.
You could (and probably do) provide cat beds for them and maybe a rug here and there for them to lay on. It won't hurt their feet to walk across it.
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I have hardwood floors throughout ...... none of mine sleep on the floor but they dont sleep on the rugs I have either. They prefer a piece of furntirue. They get into chases sometimes where they slide on the floors though.
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I had hardwood floors throughout my house, except the bathroom, in Sarajevo, so it is what all my cats were brought up with. They sometimes lay on them, but more usually on a rug. They did like playing on them though. Here I only have wood in the bedrooms - the rest is tiled, and that is cold! But I have lots of rugs.
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Thanks jenny, strange_wings, & Pami!
Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I'm picturing playing cats sliding across the floor!
Depending on the weather some cats love a nice cool smooth surface to lay on. This is one reason why cats get up on our tables, counter tops, or sleep in sinks.
You could (and probably do) provide cat beds for them and maybe a rug here and there for them to lay on. It won't hurt their feet to walk across it.
LOL, now I cannot get the image of Cosy and Eppie skidding across the floor as they chase each other .

You make a great point about cats liking cool, smooth surfaces (most cats but my weirdos anyway!!). I guess I'm just looking for an excuse to splurge on some nice area rugs .
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my apartment is all hardwood floors, and i have area rugs in the living room and bedroom. wally prefers lying on the rugs, but i'll occasionally see him lounging on the floor too. in fact, lately he's been spending more time in the kitchen which has linoleum.
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My last house was either hardwood floors or tile. Any carpet that was in there when we moved in was removed. I had area or throw rugs through out the house. The house didn't have a basement and the foundation was simply a stone perimeter. That meant that the hardwood floors on the 1st floor were basically a deck. In the winter, the floors were about 20 degrees colder than the temperature at knee height. It never bothered the cats at all. No cold little paws walking across them. I never noticed a difference between them laying on the floors or jumping up on a comfy piece of furniture.

Actually, the hardwood made a great kitty race track and they had a lot of fun sliding across them when they played chase with each other.
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We have hardwood floors throughout, tile in bathroom and vinyl in kitchen. We have an area rug in the family room and that is about the only place the kitties lay on the floor. The remainer of the time they perch on the bed, daddy's new cat tree he built for them or the furniture. I have to admit they have made some lovely scratches on the hardwood, but what the heck - I consider it normal "wear and tear".
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Y'all are making me feel better and better about the hardwood floor thing . This is my first time (as well as the cats') living in a home with them, so it'll be interesting! I'll try to get some pictures of the girls slipping and sliding all over the floors!
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We have had hardwood floors for 11 years. Doesn't seem to make a difference to the cats at all!! If you have hardwood steps though you will notice the accumullation of cat hair though!!!
Did you buy a house????????????
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In our other house it was a mix - they liked sliding on the rugs

But they slept in the chairs, couch, bed.
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My cats sleep on the hardwood floors in the summer. They do slide somewhat when they are running around, we have rugs and a hall runner they just don't always run along the rugs
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We have wooden floors as well - to be honest it is brilliant as it is SO easy to clean mucky kitty footprints off!! As far as their comfort, we have blankets scattered about (which we sit on, as they sit on the sofa!!! )

Max is not very good on the slippy surface as usually, wherever he is going, he is going very fast - he often flies in through the catflap and skis across the floor and under the kitchen table!!!
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My Severino can barely walk he slides the whole time because he has so much hair on his feet, and when they chase each other they slide all over and it's pretty far as laying on it they prefer the rugs or furniture...if you have any throw rugs maybe they will lay on them.
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i don't have hardwood, but i do have wall-to-wall linoleum floors... anyway, in the summer, they often lie on the floors. during the winter, they choose to lie on the furniture, the cat trees, the computer, the directtv box, or on me.
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Trout slides all the time..playing fetch she rams herself into the wall alot
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For the little while in my apartment I didn't have any rugs to put on the hardwood, and my kitties would lie on the floor pretty comfortably. Now I've got a rug or two and they lie on that just as often as they did on the bare floor. It's the only thing they've ever known though, so maybe for us there would be an adjustment if we ever moved into a carpeted place or something different. I've often commented that my kitties seem clumsy sometimes, but with all the posts about people's cats sliding around on the floor, I'm wondering if they're just finding the floor too slippery when they're tearing around the place. Maybe my little ones aren't so uncoordinated after all!
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We are remodeling with hardwood and marble tiles. My kitty decided that he *loves* a piece of slate tile we brought home as a sample. He lies down and rubs, and rolls around on it. So funny to watch! It's his now, of course
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I'm picturing playing cats sliding across the floor!
sliding along the floors is one of my cats favorite activities. it's not funny when she slides into the wall but otherwise its adorable. and yes she sits on them all the time but prefers to sleep higher off the ground.
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Oh they are going to have fun sliding around on those

We have a tiled kitchen floor and it is very funny to see the cats go from the carpeted hall to the tiles, the first time Sonic ran in there his back legs went faster than his front legs and he spun round so he was facing the way he came, with a confused look on his face. They both enjoy running onto it and sliding
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I have laminated wood flooring in my lounge.
Kitty likes to sleep on the rug and he has an off-cut of the hall carpet by the radiator.
When we first moved in and he was playing in there he used to skid around and crash into the furniture but now he just skids about and avoids it and has a great time!
He goes crazy if you pull the rug along while he sits on it! He pounces on it, jumps on and off and generally goes in to one of his 'mental 5 minutes'.
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There's only one room in the house that's carpeted (my brother's room), so the floors are either laminated or hardwood. I don't notice anybody sleeping on the bare floor, except Willow, and that's only after she's been dashing around (she always plunks over right by the dining room table, and always in the exact same spot). Then she pants for a bit and then gets up and lies on the closest rug, unless one of the kitties decides to ambush her while she's "recovering" on the hardwood, then another dash is required, lol

I must add that nobody gets any traction on the floors either. Willow gets the worst of it, she has fuzzy little feet, so if you hear a cat chase going on, and you hear a steady thumping of a body crashing into the walls, you know Willow's part of the chase, lol. Poor girl actually runs in place like in cartoons before the momentum starts her body going forward. And she can't brake, she'll stop all her legs but she'll crash anyways.
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My kitties loooove to slide on the hardwoods. Especially Stanley because he has fur between his toes. The funniest part is when they slide into a wall, shake it off, and then look at me like "what? nothing happened. Let us never speak of it again..."

I have also noticed that they prefer to sleep on the furnature or radiators. I have seen them lie down on the cool floor after a good radiator nap. The area rugs are only slept on if they contain a suitable sunbeam
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Our entire home is either hardwood or slate flooring. We've never had a problem with Sadie (although she is kinda funny to watch as skids around the corners when she's doing her kitty laps). One great reason for hardwood is the fact that it keeps Sadie's nails short so I only have to trim her nails about once a month. While she loves the hardwood in the summer (because it is cool I suppose), her favorite place to sit/sleep is on her carpeted scratch post.
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look forward to the famous chase down the hall, then the thump thump into the closed door it sounds funny as H*** I also suggest beds, or get used to them on the furniture...Mike, Medford, Ore
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We have hardwood floors in the living room and the kitchen. We heat with firewood so our floors are warm in the winter. The cats don't mind it at all but they do prefer the area rugs and the furniture as sleeping sites.
But be warned, if their claws aren't clipped be prepared for alot of scratches. Our floor is really scratched from all the chasing, running and trying to slow down to turn a corner. Let's just say, it adds a special character to the floor. We don't even bother to have it redone because it'll only get scratched again.
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