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Dell Computer Fraud

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Has anyone else had to deal with the Fraud department for Dell? I had an incident where someone had opened an account under my name to try an purchase a computer. I got a call on my work phone from Dell to verify if I had opened this account and if I had made some orders.
I certainly had NOT and they marked it as fradulant and said they would send me an "affidavit" to cancel the order and the account.

All seemed easy right? Then I got my Affidavit, and notorized it and mailed it in. Then several days later I get back something from the post office. Their machine had eaten my Affidavit with the notorization and I was left with a crumpled corner. Luckily I had made a copy of everything before I sent it out. Or so I thought it would be lucky.

I have now spent the last hour on the phone in circles with Dell finanacial services/customer services/and processing JUST to find out if it would be ok for me to send in the copy of my affidavit or if they need to send me a new one to get re-notorized. Not only was I outsourced to their phone offices in India twice where none of them could grasp or understand my simple questions of "is it ok to send a copy or do I need an original Affidavit?" They also refused to transfer me to any Managers.

This of course is very frustrating and a bad reflection on ther services that Dell provides.

Has anyone else had to go through this three ring circus with a fraud account at Dell? I know it happened to my brother in California also and he said that it is a common problem with Dell.
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Eeeep, that sounds very frustrating. My computer is an EMachines, so I have no Dell problems.
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I've never had to deal with their fraud dept, but as a network admin/computer support guy, I know about the circus all too well. I think generally the service/support is better for the business customers, but the support for home users is ridiculous. Problem is, I don't think any of them are any better than another at this point. Sorry for your situation though.
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