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Most addictive on-line game!

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Oh my gosh! I can't stop playing Diamond Mine. Click on the link and then chose Diamond mine - it is horribly addictive and involves a little brain power. Diamond Mine
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Addictive?????? Did you say addictive???? My daughter turned me on. Oh, sure, the first download was free, and I played all I wanted. Then they wanted money--lots of it. I bought it to get the good copy. But revenge is mine! I have sent her the link to Bookworm, and she is a word game junkie already. Haaahaaaahaaaahaaaa! You can play it offline if you bookmark it accordingly, and it doesn't cost anything. I just load it and continue the game offline. But I'm not addicted!! Not me... I can quit whenever I want!
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Oh, don't get me started again on Diamond Mine. After quite a struggle, I finally kicked the habit a while ago.

*Must Resist Temptation....*
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Oh no, Heidi, I wouldn't do that! My link takes you to Bookworm, and a bunch of others and maybe Diamond Mine too.
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Cool game. I like Mah Jong too. Anyone a cribbage fan! Online Cribbage is AWESOME!!!!
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Oooooo.....Diamond Mine, Mahjong......ooooooo played, got addicted and kicked the habit.......must resist urge to return....must....

I have a new addiction now....tis online and you gotta pay though but it's FUN.....well if you like this sort of thing. It's called Redmoon and you go round killing monsters while being able to chat to other players all over the world. My bf got me addicted.....oh well. ^_^ for more information if you're interested. ^_^ There's a free trial to mess around with before having to pay.
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Try "Bloobs"

another GREAT GAME...........
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Argh!!!! Don't mention Diamond Mine or Bookworm!

Oh well, there goes another evening, when I should be completing job applications, cleaning the house, playing with the cats, having a life. I've also sneakily got a friend addicted, so we can brag to each other about how long a word we can get in Bookworm.
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Want addicting go to All sorts of games to choose from, Tumble Bees, Word Whomp- Popit they actually do award you money if you win the big jackpot. Chat while you play with some interesting folks and never leave your computer chair again!
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On I have started playing Insaniquarium. It involves fish and aliens and other fun stuff - I have become very addicted to it!
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Thank you very much (NOT!!!) now I am hooked! Is there a support group? help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Must....... play..... game...... just..... one....... more...... time......
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Flimflam, I was telling Bodlover about Bejeweled (Diamond Mine) and her computer won't allow her to go to my site. Could you post the site you use? Can't have her living a normal life if the rest of us are hooked on games!
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The link I use to get to get to popcap is:

I've had to give up on Insaniquarium - as I used to talk about it to people in the pub and they thought I was mad and had no life....
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Thanks, flimflam. Unfortunately, that's the same link I gave her. I was on my first game of Insaniquarium last night when I got an IM, and then it was time for The Amazing Race, during which the teams went to Scotland. I couldn't give that up. They were in Aberdeen, and my mom spoke of it often. Oh, well, maybe that was merciful. I was not a good alien fighter, I fear. I lost a few fish..... Oh, well, I lost some fish in my real aquariums too, but not from aliens, or even kittycats! I'll be back!
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Just thought of another....heard of neopets???
Look after em...feed em buy em stuff....and they are all sooooooo cute! Online pets. Played when I didn't ave any pets and it gets so addictive to please their every
post #16 of 21 are so bad.....i had forgotten about
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I play UNO on my pc ! Is really much fun ! You can play it with 2 , 3 or 4 persons !! VERY addictive !!

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I have been playing Diamond Mine since this post (help me)

I got to 9890 is that any good? How many more years will it take to score big??? is any one registered online? My eyes have gone funny and I am seeing coloured dots infront of them............. I think I'll go post some pictures of kittens instead *yawn*
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Okay ! New score 11775 eyes now have burning holes in them
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Argh! Neopets! I'm addicted to that as well. And I have to go everyday to feed my pets....

Some of the Yahoo on-line games are good as well (better choice from .com rather than

I went to the pub last night to brag to one of my friends that I got a 7 letter word in Bookworm. How sad.
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I'm rather new to Bookworm, but I am a senior Archivist. Do we get medals or parties or anything? flimflam, Don't you love it when you find "ed" and/or "es" or "ing?" You know, it might be best if we don't let anyone except fellow addicts know about these accomplishments! Or....get them started too. That's what I'm doing!
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