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Need vibes please

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my best friend just called me and said that her dad is in the hospital and they dont know if he is going to make it. she said he had a stroke day before yesterday but that lastnight he took a turn for the worse and actually they had to use the "crash cart" on him she said he is in critical condition right now but that the dr. are hopeful that he will get better he is breathing on his own still (thank god) but if he crashes again they might not be able to help him. this man has played such a major role in my life when i didnt know who to turn to (adult wise) i knew i could always go to him. he helped me with my schooling and encouraged me to go after my goals and never jusdged me by what i did or said. i love him like he is my own father please send him healing vibes losing him would be like losing my dad all over again and because i am in minnesota i once again would not get to say goodbye (long story).
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Oh God bless him........sending tons of vibes................
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oh my what a very difficult time for you

heres sending lots of positive healthy vibes - take care
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Sending many prayers for him. How sad for your friend
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Many of these to you and your friend!! You all are in my prayers.
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Lots of vibes and prayers for his recovery and comfort vibes for you and your friend.
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Oh wow....saying prayers/sending vibes for him, you, and his family (related and otherwise).
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Sending many, many prayers
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thanks everyone. my friend was supposed to call me lastnight and give me an update but she never did call. i hope everything is ok. will let you know as soon as i know.
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Many prayers and vibes to your friend's father and family.
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Lots of thoughts and prayers to your friend's family.
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