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Congratulations Amy! Your house looks wonderful!! I'm so excited for you guys! The kitties are simply gonna love the place! Good luck with the remodeling-----just remember...there IS a light at the end of the remodeling tunnel
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Congrats on the new house! DH & I are sorta looking. Gotta find a job again so we can make that dream come true too.

Can't wait to see more pictures. It doesn't look bad at all from the before pictures.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes View Post
Hi . Nice to meet you!
We are putting in Energy Star, hurricane-grade vinyl windows (the type you tilt out to clean, thank God). We're going to stay with laminate countertops (we don't want to sink too much money into what will become a rental!), but we found some very nice countertops that will go great with the terra cotta paint and tile we've picked out for the kitchen!
That's incredible that your house is 130 years old. What is the upkeep like in that?? I'd love to see pics!
Very good point about the countertops. Save the expensive ones for your dream house.
Those type of windows are great too. I replaced all my windows last year, and now have the tilt/clean type. New windows are much more energy efficient.
The upkeep on my house isn't anything too crazy. It's more a matter of regular maintenance to make sure nothing gets really rundown that could cause future trouble. Like roof repair.
The previous owners did quite a bit of renos, so things like wiring and plumbing were already modernized when i moved in. i think they rewaterproofed parts of the foundation.
I'll put together some pics if you want in a few weeks (my BF is away with work and took our camera. All I have is my camera phone).
Look forward to seeing your renos!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
here i am thinking that youre pregnant!
Same old Fran! Hehe, yeah, I kind of made the thread title that way to get people thinking (how evil of me ). No pregnancy news, but ask me in about a year or so .

Yesterday Bradley and his brother got the first window installed- yay! There's not much work for me to do there this week while they're installing windows, so instead I'm on SHOPPING DUTY!! WOO HOO! Who ever thought picking out light switches and socket receptacles could be exciting??

And Allie, married life is GREAT! Friday will be six months already! I'm so excited that you and Ian will know all about it so soon! How is your wedding planning coming along?
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I love the house. I love wood floors and the cabinets are so nice. Congrads.
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Congrats on your new house...it looks great...can't wait to see your updated pics
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