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My sister is having a hard time deciding about this issue right now. In my family there are 5 daughters and she wants to continue my father's name. I didn't even think about making it a middle name... I should tell her that. Her fiance is very traditional and so hates the idea of her not changing her name. He doesn't even like the hyphenated idea.

I, on the other hand, will happily take my future husband's name. I am single right now, but I just think there is something romantic in taking his name. Plus everyone always gets my last name wrong.
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Well ive come to like my surname, When i was born my mother only put her surname on my birthcertificate, my dad put his name a few months later... because she thought he would steal me and send me to italy

If i got married ill keep my surname as my middle name and then take on my husbands surname, i hope my future husband has a Mc... surname
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When I get married (if I get married) I plan on keeping my last name.

I know a man who when he married took his wife's last name.

As for those who add their husband's name onto their own and hypenate it... that drives me mental, especially if the names are long. IMHO they should pick one and be done with it, LOL
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When married, I've always used my husband's name - better the name of a husband that I chose, than that of a father, that I DIDN'T.

Since my divorce, I have been using my LATE husband's name - it makes things easier, with my widow's benefits and I actually LIKED him.
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I can't WAIT to get rid of my last name! I hate it- people always pronounce it incorrectly too. I will be taking on Colin's last name when i'm married I don't worry about "loosing my identity" because i know who i am and a name doesn't determine that for me It will be SOOO nice to have a simple last name that people can pronounce! I can't wait
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