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I would love to see TCS have a library of resource links for various cat diseases and treatments. I went to a few of the links in the health section for FIV & FELV and the pages are gone now. Before I ask a question about a disease/ailment I've not dealt with previously I search the web for info. There are places I've bookmarked and return to repeatedly. By the time I ask my question here I'm basically asking for the personal experience of others, not the basics.

Another site I used to frequent had a wonderful library of health sites that was unfortunately destroyed in the big EZ board crash. I could rattle on about this further, but I've got to go to work.

Anyway, just a thought. And if there is such a place on TCS...just call me an idiot and point me in the right direction.
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Don't worry, I don't think you're ignoring me.

Start a post...reply to yourself...earn points....

Exercise while you wait...

Have a drink...

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LOL. That's ok I'm still waiting for a question to be answered too.

I think your idea is good. Maybe the mods can make a read-only forum or something with different threads that contain links to all the different kinds of problems. The members could even help put it together.
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There is a lot of info in the cat health section of TCS (actual TCS not just the forums) including FIV & FeLV
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Ah... I was trying to find the information in the Health and Nutrition forum. There are links there, but as I mentioned, they're dead. If I didn't find it, chances are others may not either. (or I could be the densest of the dense )

So I checked the link you gave me. One article on each disease, all basic and easy to understand information. Now that I know where they're at, I'll read them. But I never stop at just one source when I've got a sick kitty.
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Oh.... Sicy!
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