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What color is yours?

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I just changd my color to Purrrrples, what is everyone else's set on?? I cant even think of what it is called~sorry!! But I think you all know what Im talking about,hehe.
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mine is on night vision. cause it is the darkest one there is we need to have a black and red one lol then id be really happy!
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Purrples, of course!
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Green eyes
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The CatSite Default Style.
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I changes mine to the "Name Me--June Contest" theme. I call it the pink ice theme because thats what it reminds me of.
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I just changed mine to "Office Hours". It's nice because it actually allows the beautiful signature pictures to shine through without clashing with any of them!

Pookie & the girls
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well its pink but I forget what the actual title of that skin is.............

umm maybe its just 'pink'
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Green eyes
same here. i've switched a few times, but always come back to the green.
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mine is default grey since it's easy on the eyes.
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Purple here its my favorite color
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Mine is on the green cat eyes I think... It's green! I love green!
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I am pinky paws right now..I think at home I am the purple one though. I change it every week or so.
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I always use Night Vision, its the only on that doesn't hurt my eyes so much.
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Pinky paws
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I have no idea what mine is on, and I have no idea how to change it either.

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mine was pinky paws, but for some reason i changed it back to the default
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I just figured out how to change it, now it is on ocean mew or something like that.
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Oooohh!!!!!!! I had no idea you could do this!!!!! I realised exactly what you were talking about but I hadn't seen this!!! Wheee!!!!!! I am trawling through all of them now and they are FAB!!!!!

Noooooooooooooo!!!!! I can't decide!!! HELP!!!!
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Mine is the blue one with dark and light blue on the messages and a blue lilac as the background. It looks perty
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I'm on purrrrples cos that's my favourite colour
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