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The naked one has arrived :D

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Oh WOW What a wonderful kitty!

Shhh... don't tell her she's naked.
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her actually
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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
her actually
Sorry... having three male kitties makes for some gender confusion on my part.
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Naked kitty!!!

I just LOVE Sphinxes!!!
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oh wow! those pictures are so clear i felt like i could reach out and touch her lol. she is beautiful.
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I just love the follically challanged cats. I want a sphynx. I think there are absolutely beautiful. Yours proves my point.

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nothing cuter than a naked coolie!
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Oh my!!! Such beautiful neekedness.
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how beautiful! I wanna kiss that nose
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OMG She's as cute as can be
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wow I´ve never actually seen one of these kitties in real life I would love to stroke one - what does it feel like ?

She is a peach whats her name ?
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This is Florence, our little Don Sphynx girl ..feels almost sticky since she's completly hairless, not like most Canadian Sphynxes who have a fine down on them
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What I love best about petting a sphinx is how very WARM they are!
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Wow, that's a cool little kitty! She's so very naked!
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I have a naked doggie. nekkid critters are awesome.

You might want to resize the frst picture, I think it's a little big.
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Only us crazy cat lovers woul think a naked kitty is so purdy. She is beautiful or was she a he lol.
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Awww, butt nekkid little lady!!! She is beautiful - almost doesn't look real - those huge ears are gorgeous!!!
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Beautiful girl! Congrats on your new addition.
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Awww congratulations on your new arrival She has the most beautiful eyes - they look so knowing!
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*hands kitty a jumper* much better
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Your new girl is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Such a pretty face
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Awwwwwwwww what a beautiful baby girl!
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Ohhh, Florence is absolutely beautiful! I love her eyes....
I adore Sphynxs...
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