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annes in labour - Page 2

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lots of pacing of floor...............well its warn out now

soothing labour vibes
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thanx , i think she is very stubborn , she hasnt a care in the world , if only she knew what the waiting was like for us all hehe.
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My first pregnant foster cat confused me sooo many times. I swear I thought she was going in to labor 7 times before she suprised me at 5 am one morning.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
lol , i think theres 4 of us waiting on kittens at the moment. its bad enough waiting for our own births , but waiting on kittens seem so much longer ? lol
Girl you got that right LOL.

Ok no babies still geez mommy kitty hurry up we want babies lol She looks so peaceful in that picture
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that was last night when i was sure it would have been then , she was rolling around wanting attention , not she couldnt care less if i was there or not lol
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Well I am sending baby vibes to you she must be holding out LOL.
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Hi Tasha any news?? I rushed home from work really hoping to see a thread that she'd had them!!!
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nope no news. im trying not to think about it now lol
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maybe tonight. That is good idea ignore her and let her be u never know.
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hmm....i wonder which 1 of our cats will pop 1st...layla STILL hasnt had hers! should be day 67 2day...
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Ok which cat has milk
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anne has loads of milk , but that dont seem to bother her. she will keep waiting days i reckon.
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Maybe they know we are all watching and pacing LOL.
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shes had milk for about 4 days now leaking a little bit. im sure she lost her mucus plug earlier i never saw lillys so im not sure , i do know it wasnt all at once it sort of leaked like a slim a clear/yellowy colour
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yep sounds like it. If ya recal Skittles pictures it was like a brownish yellow. That is a really good sign
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but i have also read that they can lose it up to a week before birth!!!
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Good luck to you and your kitty, I hope all goes well and she has them soon! We wouldn't want this to turn into another skittles thread where everyone goes insane and starts singing!
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pmsl , i wasnt here for skittles i missed it by a cupple of months , i would have loved to have been here for it though , i did read the hole thing though , and what a story eh?
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LOL Yes I recall the singing LOL.

Skittles lost a little of here over what I think was 3 days. then the chunk and labor begin
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lol well i dont want no singing , i have a really bad head tonight , dont think i could handle it hehe. plus my son had an accident he fell of the top bunk bed he knows his not allowed up there , gave me such a fright his only 3. he seems ok for the min , doc just told me to keep an eye on him , so checking on him every 10 mins
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so gonna be a long night for me as it only happend 2-3 hours ago , i still fell sick to the stomach about what could have happend as he landed on his head. but thank god his ok
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Keep an eye on him. If the pupils are big take him in, but it has been 3 hrs am sure he is ok.
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his pupils are tiny poor thing i keep checking him while his asleephis breathing fine and moving in his sleep , but i cant help but worry , my daughter fractered her scull when she was just learning how to climb and had a bleed on the brain , she was ok thankfully , but it still scares the life out of me. my children have always been acident prone , my other daughter on her 2nd birthday broke a bone in her foot. i nearly lost all 3 of them at birth so i worry so much over them now. which is why i have been told im not to have any more children.
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sorry just relised im telling you my life story sorry ,
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still no babys , today is day 63,
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Hi, these babies are obvious warm and happy where they are!! Little monkeys!! They'll definately be born before the weekend is out, I'm sure of it!! I'm sending u lots of labour inducing vibes and a packet of extra strength paracetomol for the head ache. I had one for 2 days after Dee Dee's kittens were born because of all the stress!!
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oh heck hope your little boy is OK

so baby watchers just checking in .............again
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thanx , i woke this morning to no headache thank god. iv had it since i was bidding on my wedding dress on sunday lol stress!!!!! and yes thank you ashley is fine this morning , saying it hurts a bit , but nothing else
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Oh wow! I almost missed this...I'm eagerly waiting for news
Glad your boy is ok!
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I'm also glad Ashley is fine.......my 3 yr old did EXACTLY the same thing end of last year and ended up with a broken arm!! luckily the plaster came off a week before xmas or he wouldn't have been able to open his prezzies!!

Any way...back to topic, how's Anne this afternoon??
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