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I've been watching this thread and waiting. Congrats on the new babies
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Congratulations! I am glad it was such a small litter, much easier on her body to keep them nourished, and easier on you to find homes for them
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well done congradulations finally you have the babies you must be exhausted now and anne too. cant wait for the pics

well done again

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Congrats on the new kittens. Glad they and mom seem to be doing well. Can't wait to see the pictures!
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As big as she was and there were only 2 huh? Fun number...too many attacking your feet at one time leads to tripping! lol! Am glad all is well and the babies seem healthy!
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hope everything is ok jenny. will be waiting on your littlen now. hehe
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Congrats on the two babies....kinda funny with Jenny in labor too.
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finally !!!! I´ve been out most of the day came to check on this and wow - we have babies 2 little cuties cant wait for the photos - hopefully we wont have to wait as long
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im gonna put them on withen the next hour so its 6pm here at the moment , they will be on by 7pm at the latest.
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ok , as promised , if you would rather me make up a new thread i will.

i will get some more in a few days. i will post every 3 days on here with new pics.
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oh my what peaches
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They're just adorable.
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they are so cute
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They are beautiful!
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
well the final count is 2. they weigh 4oz each 1 black and 1 tabby deffently no more in there. both healthy , and omg does the tabby have a voice the black one is do quiet but the tabby , when he/she isnt feeding or asleep shes making a racket lol. but shes warm and has a full tummy.
with the first one i had to help just a little bit mum was busy eating the placenters and her face hadnt been cleaned so had a little trouble breathing , but all is fine , then the tabby her unbicall cord kept bleeding , it worried me a bit , but that seems to be ok now aswell. i had some dental floss just in case.
i want to thank everyone again for being here and helping me through this , i would have gone mad otherwise. i have some pictures before all the clean up then my battery died , so its on charge at the moment.

Only 2 bless her heart I hope her and babies are doing great. I want pictures.
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
ok , as promised , if you would rather me make up a new thread i will.

i will get some more in a few days. i will post every 3 days on here with new pics.
OK so I am slow. Not feeling well today.

They are so adorable. I love the coloring on them
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Oh they are gorgeous! I love that you can see the ghost tabby markings on the black one's head as well - absolutely adorable kittens, they look good and healthy too
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thank you , on lillys kittens there ghost markings was everywhere i was sure there was gonna be a very dark tabby , but nope there black , when sun hits right there brown patchs lol.
aww jenny hows its been today?
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I am ok dont feel well and i am laying alot but she is so heavy on me. I am walking really bad cause she has dropped so much I would show but it is a nakked shot of just the belly LOL. But I am not comfy
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aww hunny , only advise i got here is hang in ther , hope its all over soon for ya . will be worth it when she gets here
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I know i am just super sore and miserable and am afraid walking I will embarrass myself if I sneeze or cough am sure ya know what I mean.
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yes , the tenner ladies are great for that hehe. , i wouldnt worry about being embrassed , if anyone has gone through child birth then they will relate , and if they havnt , they got a lot to learn lol.
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I have and never lost my plug till now and tryust me it is gross.
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lol , i dont think i ever did ,. unless you calss a tiny amount of mucus with a tiny amount of blood the plug? with the other 2 i hemoraged nearly lost them and me , so i dont remember to much m, had to have emergancy c sections.
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That is it but I had the whole thing
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ok...i feel like being a man, i SHOULDNT have read that!!! LOLLLL im so glad i dnt hav 2 do it ever...!

Hope everything goes v smoothly 4 u though and u have ur lil girl soon! maybe u can make a new thread when shes born lol!

Oh and tasha well done 2 ur kitty and u...i was up till 8am with layla u must have been knakered!! and anne...lucky she only had 2 bless her. Layla was knakered after 4...and v bloody as shes white. shes managed 2 clean most of it by now tho. I love the markings on ur tabby...v clear! and they look really nice n healthy. hope they all doin well x
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I will make a thread when Abby is here

I am off to bed again in hopes to sleep more the 3 hr this time. The meds to stop contractions make your eyes hurt and headache.
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Aww, the kittens are soo cute!!! Glad they are safely here!!

Jen - you take it easy - good luck with your precious little bundle!!
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Congrats, I missed the good news last night But I am glad that everything went smoothly and the wait is now over And O my what cuties those kittens are! I cant wait till u update with more photos Be sure to keep us updated on everything

And Jen...take it easy and keep us updated on how things are going !
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Congratulations again they are just gorgeous!! They are very simular to Dee Dee's kittens, which is very funny. I cant wait to see more piccies when u have them. Well done Anne xx
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