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Meet Lucy & Ethel

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Thought you guys might like to meet my latest fosters, Lucy and Ethel (mother and daughter). I pulled them out of a home where Lucy was confined to a cage most of the time and Ethel to a cat carrier. In spite of that, these girls are incredibly sweet. The pics aren't the greatest because they're still a little scared, but you get the idea.


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Awwww bless their little hearts, and yours Eileen

I really hope they find loving homes soon How anyone can keep them in a cat carrier is beyond me?. I hate keeping the girls in them when we have to go to the vets and that's not far away
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What sweet little girls! You're an angel for taking them in from those awful conditions.
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Look at those precious girls...I LOVE their names Who the heck would leave a cat in a carrier
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What cuties, Eileen! I guess a carrier would be better than them running around on the street dodging cars, but not much better.
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What angels!!
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They are beautiful girls.
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they are so beautiful!!! I love Lucy, she looks a lot like my Antigone and Ethel's white bib and green eyes are fabulous!!! I think these gorgeous girls will get snatched up in no time!!!!
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Just darling!! I hope they can find a forever home together!!
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They are cute I hope they get a good home.
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they are adorable! I hope that they find a great home, hopefully together.
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Lucy and Ethel are so beautiful! Under your care I know they'll thrive and find the perfect forever home!
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Aww those poor sweet dears. How can anyone be so cruel
They are lucky to have you.
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What a couple of cutie pies! Being the Kitty Fairy I'm sure you'll find loving forever homes for them. Hopefully they can stay together.
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Eileen- bless you for once again saving beautiful little angels from such cruel, loveless lives . They are so precious and no doubt already love you for the life you are giving them now!
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your a star for taking them in they are beautiful and my Heidi looks alot like ethal.
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Thanks, guys. As sweet as these girls are, I'm betting they'll get adopted pretty quickly. Honestly, I'm not that concerned about keeping them together. They get along well, but are also pretty independent, so I think they'd do just fine being separated. Obviously, a home together would be great, though. I can't wait to get home today and give them lots of love!
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They are beautiful tabbies.
Soon their lives will be what they should have been all along...
filled with love, good food & no cages.
Well done Eileen.
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Thank you for being a great meowmy and saving them. They are beautiful I love the brownish tan in the.
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They are so sweet, Eileen!
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