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Tuesday's DT

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Hello everyone. It seems as if it was a busy couple of days on the cat site - it took me hours to catch up from Friday! Good thing I am having a slow day at work. I had a nice and quiet Thanksgiving weekend with the hubby and the kitties (John will be so pleased I put him 1st). We had our turkey Sunday night and Excalibur was a little turkey himself - he was begging for turkey all day! Yesterday was a turkey sandwich for lunch and turkey stewed in a saffron sauce for dinner. I refused to take turkey for lunch today - I will get a salad. Dinner tonight is turkey spaghetti. After that I will refuse to eat any more turkey until Christmas - urgh!

Yesterday I was doing some crafting (made a new autumn wreath for our front door) and Merlin (aka the evil one) would not leave me alone! He was sitting in the middle of my supplies and almost got glue gunned to the wreath! He had a grand time and stress me out.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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It has been raining and very windy all day today and very cold. I think winter has hit early. Poor Alf keeps on pleading with me to make the rain stop so he can go out for a play.... does he not realise I am not a weather god? And both cats have decided that the food I've given them isn't good enough for them - I wouldn't mind but they have a choice of roast chicken, "game" style wet cat-food and fresh crunchy biscuits. Spoilt brats!
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It took me all day yesterday to get caught up from the weekend! Slow week and then a really busy weekend...were you guys waiting for me to leave or something? LOL

I had a pretty good weekend. We got the kitties some "birthday" presents. They came into our lives 3 years ago (October 7 & 10), so we had to celebrate. We got Ophelia a new sisal scratching post, which she has mainly been ignoring but did finally use a little bit on Hissy's masterful suggestion last night. And she got a new feather teaser. Trent got a Cat Dancer, which he adores, and grooming gloves, which he's not so thrilled about. Now I can't get anything done because they both BEG to be played with every waking moment. Such a sacrifice.

Ady, I always have 2 turkey vultures when I make it! Trent walks around crying all morning because he can smell something WONDERFUL, but can't find it. The first Thanksgiving we had them, he almost jumped INTO the stove to try to get to the turkey!!! I about had a heart attack right there.
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Originally posted by valanhb

Ady, I always have 2 turkey vultures when I make it! Trent walks around crying all morning because he can smell something WONDERFUL, but can't find it.
It is difficult to eat when you have a cat constantly jumping on your lap, sticing his face in your plate and his butt in your nose! Not the most appetising sight!
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I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Adrienne. My cats don't come out of hiding on Thanksgiving until everyone has left. Then there are lots of treats. There's nothing like a bunch of little ones to make kitties disappear. They didn't grow up with the little ones, and the children run and try to catch them, which is not the way to make friends with cats!

Heidi, I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know what a turkey vulture is. In fact, I'm in shock! What is it? A Tom Turkey? I hope. The picture I have in my mind is not a pleasant one!

I hope I can cook dinner this year. If I get one of my little ones to be my gopher, I can do it. I can do a lot as long as I'm sitting; it's the running around getting things that bothers me. Last year, I shocked myself by doing everything except peeling potatoes. The girls have always helped with the last minute chores, anyway. Please say a little prayer that I can do it again. I like to be useful. Besides, I'm a good cook!

Flimflam, I am not ready for this chilly weather, either. Our lows this week will be down near the frost mark. I hate cold weather!
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Well, the two vultures in question are actually pretty cute, but very persistent. One is all black and fuzzy, and the other is black and white and much more subtle. They become Treat Vultures almost every night, too. Those little eyes staring at you are what gets you, and they do circle but unlike the traditional vultures these circle around your feet when you are carrying a plate of turkey and fixings. Ady apparently had a very agressive Turkey Vulture at her house this weekend. :tounge2:
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Heidi, Just smack me upside the head! I have that kind of turkey vulture too. I was picturing the dinner platter with an ugly vulture, defeathered and stuffed! I haven't had anything other than iced tea to drink, honestly! Whew! I'm feeling better now.
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Good morning (yawn) I am off to the dentist Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I hate it cause I am alergic to the anesthetics so I have to take this other stuff and it wears off really fast! Hmmmmm Better have my water before I go! I am also very tired cause you girls kept me up all night posting (bad girls) I also have 3 little girls coming over this afternoon to stay the night before they go back home so it will be very interesting!!! Maybe it's what I need to convince me I really don't want children LOL!! I hope everyone has a great day!

Love and Hugs
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Well...today just stinks. Sorry I haven't been on in a while and I am just now trying to catch up. Been SO busy at work...not getting home until 8:00 PM some nights and by the time I get some dinner and clean up...it's almost time to go to bed!

Mike's Grandfather passed away over the weekend so we have the viewing tomorrow night and the funeral on Thursday. And he is being buried 4 1/2 hours away in Pennsylvania! I am so NOT looking forward to a 9 hour road trip with his Mom...<sigh>

Hopefully...next week will be better.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Tuesday evening.
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I love thanksgiving. I'm sure our kitties will turn into turkey vultures. They sure are chicken vultures!

I'm so tired. I'm so far behind here, I'll never catch up. The last two weeks of January, April, July and October are always our most insane work periods. I'm so tired. Going to the office means getting up before 4:30am. Did it Monday. Gotta do it again tomorrow.

Leslie - you poor thing. I cannot imagine the dentist without anaesthetics. My teeth hurt thinking about it. How brave you are!

Carla - so sorry to hear about Mike's grandpa. We've missed you around here!

Hope I can keep my eyes open tomorrow. Gary and I are interviewing to change firms (ssshhhh). The cool thing is we interview together. Keep your fingers crossed, I think. We met some of them Monday, and we really like it. It's a huge opportunity. The biggest we've had, actually. The Cat Site has definitely brought us luck, as we're almost desperate at the current firm. We just don't have the tools we need to do our jobs right. We get paid totally based on the revenues we generate, and this is a terrible market. It's pretty neat. It's in the Chrysler building in NY. We met the #3 guy yesterday, and tomorrow we get to meet #1 and #2 (of a 350 person firm). We might actually get to run a whole department. I can't quite believe it - we're talking about Gary being the firm's Chief Investment Strategist and me being Director of Research. While exciting, I'm not so sure I want it. We'd have to move out of the bus part-time and get an apartment closer to the city. We'd have to be in the office a lot more than we've ever been. We have someone to take care of the ferals if we're not here during the week, and we would be here on the weekends. But this is our home. I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Holly (that's what we named the RV).

I'd miss the ferals. I'd feel guilty. I like my simple life out here. I'll have to keep praying about this, because I'm not sure what we should do.

Sorry. This is just the DT, not the everyone be Laurie's psychologist thread! I'm just too tired!
And what a good problem to have.
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quote by Laurie:
Carla - so sorry to hear about Mike's grandpa. We've missed you around here!
Thanks for the condolences Laurie. We certainly appreciate it! I've missed all you guys too! Work is starting to interfere WAY too much with my life! LOL!
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Carla - condolences from Tucson, too.

Worked in the low-rent district, today and back there, tomorrow. Weird weekend schedule: off Thursday and Friday, 10-hour day Saturday and off Sunday-Monday. Hope Bill has something good planned for Saturday's dinner!
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