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No birthmarks on me - just freckles and a cracking scar on my chin!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
lol, at my age it's hard to determine birth marks from age spots,

No birthmarks on me that I can tell...just lots & lots of freckles! (which is pretty unusual since I'm a latina)...

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I have a small birthmark on my right hand above my wrist...it is shaped almost like lips!
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I have a birthmark on my knee...My Poppy always said my mother marked me as a baby because someone offered her peanuts when she was pregnant and she didn't eat it It is shaped like a small peanut out of the shell...The Old Italians believe that you Mark the Baby if you don't at least taste everything you are offered while pregnant.
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I have one right below my belly button, its not really noticable until the summer when I'm a bit tan.
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I have two. A very small one on my left calf, slightly below my knee. It's darker in colour than my normal skin colour so that's how I noticed it.

My other birthmark is huge. It goes from my right elbow up my arm and about half way across my back. When I was in school and wore a tank top people would always ask me if I was dirty. it doesn't cover the whole arm, looks kind of like a trail ha ha. I have always been very proud of my birthmarks.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have no birthmark, and no marks on my body at all..I am moleless and pretty much no freckles either
Me too.
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