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Olivia's Big Day!

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It's Olivia's big spay day today! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she goes in for her spay. Oh and good news, my Mother just came in to work (we work together) and our vet says she does not have a heart my Aunt said "Don't chase her around because she starts panting!!" And how does panting mean she has a heart murmur??? For all that cat's wild antics I've yet to see her show any kind of distress whatsoever!

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for a good visit! She's a beauty, LeighAnn, your Mom has a sweetie!
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Keeping her in my thoughts today. Shes a doll!!
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Good luck on your spay Olivia you beautiful girl
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Sending many safe spay vibes for her {{{}}}

Trout pants if she runs around too much, but she is healthy as an ox
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Sending lots of good vibes for Olivia
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good vibes whzzing your way
Keep us and how are you doing about her being off at the vets
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lots of good thoughts and prayers going out to Olivia that everything goes well.
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Well Olivia did just fine! My mother is on her way to pick her up and bring her home. Mom stoped home for a few minutes this afternoon and poor Pumpkin was lookin all over for her. Bunny I think enjoyed the quiet!!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Well Olivia did just fine!
great news, you´ll be glad to have her home again - wishing her a speedy recovery
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Sending some 'leave the stitches alone' vibes! She's really pretty, I love her tail
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So far she's doing good with the stitches....Pumpkin and Abby (a dog) want to play but she's just taking it easy. She does seem a little confused though!

She's really pretty, I love her tail
Thanks! I just found out recently that while her mother was a regular Heinz 57 cat, her daddy was a main coon. She's very long and very thin! My Aunt got her from a friend of hers.
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