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FIV help and vent..?!

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My MIL cares for alot of stray cats around her house. Well she sometimes takes them in at nite when it is cold. A big, orange un-neutered male cat called "muscles" wandered up a few months ago. She took him in everynite to sleep and let him back out during the day. She has 2 inside cats and did everything with them, he slept with them, ate and drank out of the same food/water bowl, etc. The last couple of weeks he has been getting in fights with other male cats and coming home a bloody mess. Last week he came home with a huge gapping wound on his tail so she took him to the vet to be fixed up. They were suppose to neuter him at the time also. They ended up taking some blood and found out that he was in the end stage of FIV and they put him down saying he didnt have more then a year to live.

I told my MIL that she needs to get her other 2 cats tested since he was around them and shared things with them. She doesnt want to spend the $$ to get them tested!! Can her other cats have it? I am worried that they might and if they do and go untreated that they wont survive as long as they could and will suffer...Any help?

Also right before the male cat was euthanized, he brought home a young female and my MIL is hoping that she is pregnant with his babies. Can FIV be given to the female and to the babies?
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Hey, not sure if this helps....It doesn't say about a male infecting a female during the impreginating (sp?) stage:


FIV is transmitted primarily through deep, penetrating bite wounds. A mother cat may transmit the virus to her newborn kittens during gestation, passage through the birth canal, or nursing. FIV can also be transmitted through the transfusion of contaminated blood.

FIV affects only felines. Some of the pathogens (i.e., bacteria, parasites) that cause opportunistic infections in FIV-positive cats may be transmitted from animals to humans and could cause illness in people with compromised immune systems
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yes, the mother cat can most certainly be infected, but I highly doubt that your MIL's house cats are. Like furry posted, FIV can only be transmitted thru deep bite wounds, transfusion, in addition to mating, just like HIV, and that was very wrong of that vet to put the cat down without your MIL's permission, if I were her, I'd be getting another vet! FIV cats can live for many many years with proper preventative maintenance, and they can live with non-positives as long as everyone is altered (no mating) and not aggressive
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